Graphmatech: a leap towards high-quality graphene composites

After the breakthrough that solves the practical issues of large-scale industrial implementation of the super-material graphene recently announced, InnoEnergy supported start-up Graphmatech has now succeeded in coating polymer powder and granular with Aros Graphene®.

Graphmatech designs and manufactures novel graphene-based nanocomposites. These composites address key industrial challenges – both technical and environmental – in markets where high electrical- and thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, low friction, or a combination of these, is needed. 

Graphene is expected to revolutionise engineering materials, power and electronics sectors. However, the development has so far been held back by industrial implementation issues. Graphmatech’s research team has now succeeded in developing a simple and scalable method for coating polymer powder and granular with a layer of Aros Graphene®. “Wrapping polymer powders with Aros Graphene® is a multifunctional gift to polymer composites industries”, says Mamoun Taher, CEO of Graphmatech.

“This newly developed method is very efficient to obtain high quality dispersion of Aros Graphene® additive inside a polymer matrix without the use of high shear forces in melt mixing. It enormously reduces production costs and minimizes property degradation for both the polymer matrix and the additive while maintaining high quality and homogeneous composite. The invented method can be also applied for coating polymer powder with different materials such as metals, ceramics, fibers, cellulose and more”, says Zargham Jabri, R&D engineer at Graphmatech.

Applications of polymer-Aros Graphene® composites are many such as multifunctional filaments for 3D printing, or engineering composites with light weight, high thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and enhanced tribological properties (low coefficients of friction and wear).


[Read Graphmatech’s press release]