FlexiDAO Joins Energy Web Foundation as Affiliate

FlexiDAO, the pioneer blockchain solution for commercial and residential demand response, announced today that it has become an Affiliate of the Energy Web Foundation (EWF).

Supported by EIT InnoEnergy, the largest cleantech European accelerator, FlexiDAO harnesses the power of blockchain technology to transform distributed demand response and make it profitable, transparent, and reliable at scale. FlexiDAO joins more than 50 other diverse players as an EWF Affiliate, including global energy majors, utilities, grid operators, and blockchain developers.

“We strongly believe that EWF’s technology and its Affiliates are the perfect ecosystem for FlexiDAO’s growth,” said Simone Accornero, co-founder and CEO of FlexiDAO. “We look forward to this cooperation to jointly overcome the technological and regulatory barriers of the surging demand response market and to scale FlexiDAO’s solution successfully in the market.”

As an EWF Affiliate, FlexiDAO will develop its software solution with the Energy Web Chain as a backbone, the only public, open-source blockchain tailored to the specific needs of the energy industry. This combination will enable seamless and secure traceability of data and coordination of actions performed during grid balancing operations for all the energy flexibility value chain. Moreover, it will reduce backend operational costs by automating business processes and improve end customer experience and IT security.

“FlexiDAO’s focus on flexible energy demand for small loads such as electric vehicles, in-home batteries, and small-scale generation is the perfect fit for blockchain, which removes barriers and transaction costs and permits much broader market entry for participants of all sizes,” said Jesse Morris, co-founder and principal of EWF. “We’re thrilled for FlexiDAO to be building its solution on the Energy Web Chain, as we together demonstrate the viability and scale the adoption of blockchain for managing tomorrow’s electricity grid.”

Added Mikel Lasa, CEO of InnoEnergy Iberia: “We are very excited that, for the first time, one of our supported startups joins the Energy Web Foundation. FlexiDAO’s founders are InnoEnergy Alumni and their start-up is one of the best examples of our company’s philosophy—to integrate industry, research, and higher education in a European trusted innovation ecosystem specialised in the energy sector. We believe this is a very relevant milestone that may lead to other future collaborations between EIT InnoEnergy and the Energy Web Foundation.”


About FlexiDAO

FlexiDAO is a cleantech start-up based in Barcelona and supported by EIT InnoEnergy. We tackle the high cost and complexity of delivering auditable distributed flexibility to the grid at large scale. Our technology controls, records, and validates data and electricity flows from small-scale devices such as batteries and electric vehicles to help grid operators balance the grid in the energy system of the future. In exchange, we offer digital cash rewards, token-based incentives, and energy bill savings to consumers who own devices with flexible capacity.

About the Energy Web Foundation

Energy Web Foundation (EWF) is a global non-profit unleashing blockchain’s potential to accelerate the transition to a decentralized, democratized, decarbonized, and resilient energy system. EWF is building the shared, digital infrastructure—an open-source, scalable blockchain platform—specifically designed for the energy sector’s regulatory, operational, and market needs. Co-founded by Rocky Mountain Institute and Grid Singularity, and with a worldwide network of more than 50 affiliates and growing, EWF is poised to become the industry’s leading choice as the foundational base layer, providing the building blocks powering the world’s energy future.

For more information, visit https://energyweb.org.