First Open Space Studio trainings “Leading Growth” in Lisbon and Karlsruhe for our ENTECH students

This year’s two-day trainings took place in Lisbon and Karlsruhe with the current intake of our Master School programme Energy Technologies (ENTECH) and were focused on “Leading Growth”. Topics covered during the first day were not only communication profiles and emotional intelligence, but especially how one sees her/himself and others. The knowledge gained on the first day was promptly put into practise in role plays, which took place on the second day. Students slipped into the role of for example a boss facing a conflict with his/her employee which had to be solved on the professional and personal level.

The ultimate goal of the training was to make sure attendees understand themselves and consequently know how they can and will react in difficult professional situations, as well as how they will be perceived by others.

After two intensive training days, students were enthusiastic about the new knowledge they had gained about themselves and their personal and professional environment. While some students found it interesting to learn how others would react to them in certain situations, others emphasised that the training increased their knowledge about themselves which would allow them to handle their personal and professional lives much better as a whole, but also in specific situations.

These trainings are an essential element of the Open Space Studio, a two-year journey integrated into MSc ENTECH. It is designed to prepare students for facing up to European challenges in sustainable energy and developing solutions that meet them. Apart from the Winter and Summer Ateliers, all students also attend shorter trainings in between at their current location to ensure their continued personal development and growth.