First Open Space Studio Catalyst Training in Portugal

20 September marked the beginning of the 1st Open Space Studio Catalyst Training near Sesimbra, Portugal. The 2,5-day training provided InnoEnergy students from the Master’s programmes of CFAFE, SELECT and RENE the opportunity to learn about co-creative work methods and what it means to be an agent of meaningful innovation.

The Open Space Studio defines a catalyst as a person who has decided to go on a journey of continuous learning to support the emergence of solutions that would not have been possible otherwise. A catalyst is in the process of developing key skills and competencies of self-leadership, nurtures true connections amongst people, asks key questions and is able to take a systemic view in considering the challenge at hand.

Powered by local organic food, and using the natural environment of the Arrábida National Park along with its calm beaches as a source of inspiration, the students began the first full day of training by learning about the value of active listening and how it can be brought into practice. To support this capacity, the students explored elements of self-nurturing, recognised own talents and defined the impact they want to have in this world.

The day proceeded with a series of playful role-plays and group dialogues on emotional intelligence and the ways our communication manifests in each person during extreme stressful situations. This gave the students not only a deeper understanding of own natural communication patterns and how to improve them, but also a greater sense of compassion to support others when under stress.

The final day of training focused on the key elements of being a catalyst of co-creative processes. Through games, images, metaphors and dialogues, the students created a common perception of what is needed to bring a co-creative process into reality and how each person can use certain guidelines and own natural abilities to become a catalyst for positive change inside organisations.

At the end of these 2,5 days, the group felt calmer and re-energised by this experience. Being together and sharing this experience with other InnoEnergy students, surrounded by beautiful nature and going on this journey of self-discovery gave everybody the confidence to move forward and have a more meaningful impact in our society and the energy transition.

The Open Space Studio team thanks all participants for their energy and kindness, the InnoEnergy Master School for all the support and Casa do Páteo for its blissful hospitality.

The Catalysts Training was an excellent opportunity to get outside of the noisy city and gain a unique experience. Which helped me understand myself and how I can effectively collaborate in a team to reach a common goal. I would highly recommend it to anybody. During that weekend I got to experience a unique location, learned useful tools and went on a journey with some awesome people.” (Andres Peluso)


If you’re interested in knowing more about the Open Space Studio Catalyst Training, don’t hesitate to contact us or register for the next edition here.