Evolving security paradigms: Responding to the digital and data-driven grid

Digitalisation and interconnection of the energy infrastructure has become a fundamental process for building and managing smart grids. To provide new services and enhance operational efficiency, new and complex data systems must be optimised – which brings increased cybersecurity and (data-) privacy risks. A new paradigm is needed to respond to this mission-critical security challenge.

Join the “Evolving security paradigms: Responding to the digital and data-driven grid” webinar on Tuesday, May 8th to understand the operational challenges and legal side of privacy concerns, and to hear what privacy enhancing technologies are being applied right now to establish trust in the smart energy market.

Cybersecurity in high-risk times

Various attacks on critical infrastructures launched in recent years underline the need for an integration of security and privacy mechanisms into smart grid environments. Not only would blackouts and outages effect millions of customers, but the disruption of medical care and emergency services would put many lives at risk. Also, the huge amount of customer data being collected represents a whole other range of risks. Now is the time fortify your IT system to safeguard against these threats.

How to build up IT systems

In this webinar, we will discuss different strategies which are best suited for smart grid solutions:

  • Possible IT solutions for building smart grid data platforms
  • How to deal with security /privacy issues when designing energy data systems (Sec/Priv-by- Design)
  • Relevant legal frameworks that have to be considered while building smart grid business models
  • A new security paradigm fit for a digital grid

Join Jörg Lässig, Professor of Enterprise Application Development for Fraunhofer IOSB as he explains the legal frameworks and regulations in EU countries concerning privacy for smart systems in the energy sector. Patrick Aichroth, Head of R&D Group for Fraunhofer IDMT, will introduce some real-life examples of their privacy enhancing technologies.

In an increasingly interconnected energy system, cybersecurity and data privacy must be reassessed. Reserve your spot now for this crucial webinar on Tuesday, May 8th!

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