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Master Thesis Competition in Energy for Smart Cities, the online edition!

In order to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship among future game changers, KIC InnoEnergy’s Master Programme ‘Energy for Smart Cities’ and KIC InnoEnergy Benelux will award two annual prizes for the best master’s thesis on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Each award consists of: the amount of €500 and the engagement of KIC InnoEnergy Benelux’ business creation team to further analyse the innovative and entrepreneurial potential.

Like last year, the applications are also open for other KIC InnoEnergy master students addressing challenges related to ‘Energy for Smart Cities’. (e.g. integration of renewable energy in buildings, storage in households or electromobility in smartgrids might be master’s thesis topics of MSc RENE, SELECT or SENSE as well.)

What’s new in 2016? Starting this year, the master thesis competition will be an ONLINE EVENT only! There will be no forum like last year, so you won’t get a chance to defend or explain your work. Thus you will be evaluated solely on the video you submitted. The application platform is open from June till 16 September. During the MSc Energy for Smart Cities kick-off, on September 29, the winners will be announced. They will be contacted to organise the delivery of the prize.

We wish you all the best of luck!

More information and guidelines

Application form

In order to apply, we request you to submit a video presenting your master thesis in the field of Energy for Smart Cities and completed in the academic course 2015-2016. The video must have a maximum duration of 3 minutes. In this presentation we expect you to effectively communicate the innovation and/or entrepreneurial potential of your master thesis work. The creativity and originality of your presentation will also be very valuable. Check the evaluation criteria below.

A few tips for a successful video:

  • The video should be in English (of course)!
  • Make sure we clearly hear you, don’t use text only.
  • Appear in the video, we want to see you presenting!
  • Creativity and positive energy is highly valued.
  • Do not forget to introduce yourself and mention the universities you’ve been studying at for your master.

Upload your YouTube video to the online form. Don’t forget: make sure the subject’s clearly explained in the video. You won’t get a chance to give more information about your master’s thesis.

After this, why not post your video on social media as well? Let’s create a buzz about the Master Thesis Competition online! Some suggestions:

  • Post your video on any social media platform you like (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,…)
  • Use our very own hashtag #MTC2016! Or others like: #smartcities, #innovation, #competition, #energy,…
  • Mention KIC InnoEnergy in your post:
    • twitter.com/KICInnoEnergy
    • twitter.com/KICInnoEnergyBN
    • facebook.com/kicinnoenergy
    • facebook.com/kicinnoenergymasterschool

The deadline for the submission of videos is 16 September 2016, midnight (CEST).

The winners will be announced during the MSc Energy for Smart Cities kick-off. They will be contacted by the organisation to organise the delivery of the prize.

The jury consists of 3 experts in the research area and business creation of Energy and Smart Cities:

  • Luciënne Krosse
    Responsible for Innovation Technology Area Strategy at KIC InnoEnergy Benelux
  • Jan Caris
    Business coaching of innovative start-up companies for  KIC InnoEnergy Benelux
  • Johan Driesen
    Professor at KU Leuven, Programme Director of MSc Energy for Smart Cities and EDU Benelux Director

The decision will be made based on a regular majority in the Jury and is irrevocable.

The video-presentations will be evaluated on the basis of three independent criteria:

Scientific/Innovation value

  • Problem statement
  • Review of the state-of-the-art
  • Key innovation/methodology
  • Interpretation of the solution/results
  • Quantification of the expected impact (energy savings, reliability/safety, …)
  • Conclusions/ Future challenges

Entrepreneurial value

  • Industry/Stakeholder involvement
  • Business case
  • Market potential
  • Disruptive impact
  • Game changer attitude
  • Creativity


  • Originality
  • Support material, s.a.: presentation, poster, or prototype.
  • Communication skills
  • Time management
  • Quality of image/sound

Still don’t know where to begin? Need some more inspiration? Check out the winning videos of previous editions.