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Wave energy seminar and GRAND OPENING

CorPower S3 – in resonance with the waves

CorPower Header Grand Opening 21 June 2017


CorPower Ocean together with partners invite to this launch event where the latest generation resonant Wave Energy Converter (WEC) – CorPower S3 – is unveiled.

This is an opportunity to see the device operating in simulated waves using a 500kW Hardware-In-the-Loop test rig in Stockholm, before the system is shipped out for ocean installation in Orkney, Scotland.

The program starts with a technical seminar hosting international experts giving an update on key challenges, development methodology and ongoing efforts to unlock the world’s largest untapped renewable energy source – ocean waves.

The number of participants is limited, please register to secure your seat.

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Wave Power seminar and GRAND OPENING

Date: Wednesday 21 June 2017
Time: 13.00 – 18.15 CET
Seminar location: Seminar room B2 , Brinellvägen 23, Stockholm
Grand Opening location: Machine hall L040, Brinellvägen 23, Stockholm

The number of participants is limited, please register to secure your seat.

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Wave Power seminar – 13.00 – 16.30

Patrik Möller, CEO, CorPower Ocean
Welcome and introduction

Dr. Jörgen Hals Todalshaug – Lead scientist, CorPower Ocean
Gunnar Steinn Ásgeirsson, Group lead – modelling & analysis, CorPower Ocean
Resonant Wave Energy Converters with WaveSpring technology. Storm survivability by natural load shedding. Size, power and structural efficiency comparison of wave devices.

Nicolas Meyer & Pierre Lourdais, CorPower Ocean
Pneumatic cylinders optimized for low friction and extreme lifetime requirements.

Patrik Stolt, managing director, GS-Hydro Sweden.
High pressure systems for Wave Energy Converters.

Hans Hansson, CTO, Swepart Transmission 
Stefan Björklund, Senior Researcher, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Cascade gearbox technology. Dimensioning for lifetime, volume production and quality assurance.

Kenneth Quinteros, Beckhoff Automation
Jakob Sagatowski, CorPower Ocean
Robust control solutions for Wave Energy Converters

14:30-14:45 – Coffee

Pierre Ingmarsson and Pär Johannesson, RISE
Reliability engineering of wave energy devices – the VMEA method applied to CorPower S3

Kristian Floresjö, CEO, Cascade Drives
Stefan Krusell, Business Development Manager, Siemens
The Hardware-in-the-loop test rig for CorPower S3. Simulating wave loading by Electro-mechanical actuators from Cascade Drives combined with electrical drives from Siemens.

Oliver Wragg, Commercial Director, European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)
Wave power – lessons learned, demonstration activities and best practice development at EMEC.

Anders Jansson, Business Dev. Manager, CorPower Ocean
Jéromine Maillet, Project Manager, CorPower Ocean
Techno-economic metrics and cost-of-energy for wave energy.

Richard Yemm, Director, Quoceant 
Lessons learnt from Pelamis and route to market for 2nd generation wave technology.

Tim Hurst, Managing Director, Wave Energy Scotland
Structured verification with and Stage gates for Wave Energy development – the WES approach.

GRAND OPENING – 17:00 – 18:15

17:00- 17:15
Rémi Gruet – CEO, Ocean Energy Europe
Ocean Energy is happening now – benefits and roll-out scenarios for Europe.

Sam Rock-Perks, CEO, Simply Blue Energy 
Wave energy farms – a customer’s view. Simply Blue Energy’s project development and recent horizon scanning activities.

GRAND OPENING of the dry test facility with demonstration of CorPower S3.
Patrik Möller – CEO, CorPower Ocean
Bo Normark & Javier Sanz – Thematic Leaders, InnoEnergy
Tim Hurst – Managing Director, Wave Energy Scotland
Mikael Östling, Deputy President, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology
Rémi Gruet – CEO, Ocean Energy Europe

Patrik Möller & Anders Jansson, CorPower Ocean
What’s next? Ocean testing in Orkney, plans for full scale demonstration in Stage 4 & 5.

The number of participants is limited, please register to secure your seat.

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CorPower S3 represents a new class of high efficiency Wave Energy Converters, enabling robust and cost-effective harvesting of electricity from ocean waves. Storm survivability is addressed by the unique property of being transparent to incoming waves – unless actively controlled. The technology enables more than five times more energy per ton of device compared to previously known solutions, offering a path for wave energy to overtake modern wind turbines in terms of structural efficiency and long-term competitiveness.

CorPower S3

CorPower’s product development follows a structured five-stage verification process established as best practices for ocean energy devices by International Energy Agency-OES and Wave Energy Scotland. It involves step-wise validation of survivability, performance, reliability and economics starting with small scale prototypes in Stage 1, continued by sub-system testing and then fully integrated WEC in increasing scales up to array demonstration in Stage 5. The current Stage 3 program follows the prior testing of multiple prototypes in smaller scales performed in Portugal, France and Sweden since 2013, and thousands of hours of numerical simulation work.

The Stage 3 program is supported by best practice from EMEC in Orkney, alongside the experience from offshore power generation company Iberdrola Engineering, the University of Edinburgh, and WavEC Offshore Renewables’ expertise in cost and performance modelling.