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BIZ bootcamp

During this one week event, the second round of the innovation competition will take place. At this stop, in Leuven, the students will work on their business model based on elements of the value creation study. This BIZ bootcamp will provide students with creativity and brainstorming techniques, market research, business creation and modelling methodologies, and IP tools to bring innovation towards the market.

We follow the objective of taking the challenges from Barcelona, and study the business model that may become these innovations feasible. We pursue this with an iterative process: if there is no sustainable business model, we will modify the innovation proposal.

Some will discover the hard part of start-ups: the high death rate (some studies say more than 95%).

But even like this, we can learn by further working on their challenges: it is very interesting to see if there were significant bugs in their business model, for example, or if you can find a more satisfying one.

As the number of attendees is less than in Barcelona we have adapted the working groups in order to have a minimum of 3 people. Attached, how the groups remain with 10 challenges for 9 teams.

All the activities are clearly indicated in the agenda, as well as the places where they are done. The Fab_Lab is in one of the KU Leuven facilities (See agenda’s link and address in speaker’s list). For the APP’s workshop, is recommended to get each one’s laptop.

The Leuven city tour, on Saturday, will be a walking tour.

Download the programme

After this joint week course you will be able to:

  • Develop and prototype an innovation proposal of a product or a service in Energy for Smart Cities, being able to build a feasible business model.
  • Apply innovation methodologies in real-life challenges from companies and start-ups iteratively in order to develop feasible innovative prototypes.
  • Create functional prototypes for physical products (3D printing) or software (APP).
  • Develop the feasibility study for an Innovation Proposal according to KIC InnoEnergy guidelines (WP0), including among others: the problem, the value proposition for costumer, the product/service definition, the Intellectual Property (IP) protection, the business model definition, the team and the work plan to bring it to market.
  • Communicate using the Elevator Pitch technique, to deliver short and effective talks both individually and in group, and synthesize the innovative product or service in a poster.
  • Presenting an innovative prototype with a feasible business model to a Jury and arise KI€coins for the development of the team/innovation.

Accommodation is also at the Irish College: Janseniusstraat 1 3000 Leuven.

Alma Restaurant has two near locations where we can go indistinctly, being aware that have different closing times:

  • Alma 2: E. Van Evenstraat 2 (until 19h30)
  • Alma 1: Tiensestraat 115 (until 20h)

On Friday afternoon, we will have the Innovation competition round 2. It will be an oral presentation of the outputs of the week, through an elevator pitch (3 min).

Which are those outputs? By groups all participants will share:

  • The business model of your innovation proposal (using the elevator pitch)
  • The prototypes created (2D, 3D, APP)
  • The evaluation of the convenience of IP in your business model

The written work should be presented before the 1st of May, and it should include:

  • The written version of the business model within the feasibility study template (WP0 of KIC InnoEnergy), the prototypes and IP evaluation.
  • A poster with the synthesis of the innovation proposal and business model.