“European Accelerator in Sustainable energy– Your partner in building and development innovative enterprise in balanced energy area”. Seminar KIC Inno-Energy SE

On December 1st at University of Science and Technology in Cracow took place seminar “European incubator of technology – Your Partner in building and development innovative enterprise in balanced energy area”.

Tomasz Pyrć – the member of board of CC Poland Plus, opened the meeting and greeted guests.

Next, Mr. Rafał Mrówka – chairman of CC Poland Plus sp. z o.o. told about the idea of participation in Knowledge and Innovation Community InnoEnergy European Institute of Technology.

Afterwards Mr. Tomasz Pyrć presented report “Your way to your own business – KIC InnoEnergy HIGHWAY™, European Sustainable Energy accelerator.”

In his presentation he focused on business creation problems in the context of CC Poland Plus activity – the polish node of KIC InnoEnergy. Mr. Pyrć told guests about aims of KIC InnoEnergy activity in Poland and defined potential recipients of support. Report introduced the participants to range, fields and stages of help provided by KIC InnoEnergy.

In presentation Mr. Pyrć elaborated procedure of creation and development of enterprises as part of KIC InnoEnergy Highway™ project. Finally he showed value added, as a result of partners’ cooperation (from Małopolska, Śląsk and Dolny Śląsk) and unavoidable effect of synergy in their cooperation. Report provoked lively and substantive discussion.

Next Mr. Dominik Kowal – Vice Director of Centre for Transfer of Technologies AGH-UST, in his presentation “Your door to your own business”, told about his company and company Krakow Centre of Innovative Technologies INNOAGH Sp. z o.o. He presented wide range of possible support from CTT AGH for parties interested in cooperation with the European Sustainable Energy accelerator KIC InnoEnergy.

Finally there were two reports under the same title “Your place for business”, which showed potential of Cracow Technology Park and Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation. Mr. Krzysztof Krzysztowiak (KPT) and