Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy – 2 Weeks left to register!

In the current context of energy transition, one of the main challenge is to increase the share of renewable energies in the energy mix. The renewable energies field is experiencing an increase and is facing a significant need of skills. To cover this need, KIC InnoEnergy launched an innovating Executive certificate programme “Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy” (Register here). This unique Executive course on renewables has been designed by two high French establishments that are used to work together: HEC (First French Business School and 3rd worldwide School for Executive Course for the 7th consecutive year according to The Financial Times) and Ecole Polytechnique (Institution of higher education and research, already implicated in our Master RENE). The “Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy” programme aims to:

  • Provide state-of-the-art knowledge in renewable energy technologies
  • Teach the skills needed to manage innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy sector
  • Deliver a strong working knowledge of project management through a collective project

“The ambition of this programme is to give skills to make projects all at once financeable, bankable and successful” Jean-Michel Gauthier, HEC Professor, Deloitte Partner and Teacher for the “Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy” programme.

Who is targeted? Targeting sustainable energy entrepreneurs, incubator specialists and investors, this full English “Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy” programme is dedicated to business people looking for improvement or for business launching, but not necessarily people who are renewables specialists. International and high-level professors will help people who may not have economic background. They will give them the necessary tools to be able to sit down with bankers, understand what they said and be able to challenge them. This programme is particularly addressed to three different targets: current or future entrepreneurs – they could test their own projects via business cases -, companies support specialists in big companies and open innovation centres. And the programme will be available everywhere in Europe. What is the content? The attendees will learn about energetic models, contracts, project finance and financial analysis tools dedicated to renewables. More specifically, the “Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy” programme tackles with:

  • “Renewables technologies and networks” under the leadership of Bernard Drévillon, Physic Teacher at Ecole Polytechnique
  • “Economy and entrepreneurship” conducted by Jean-Michel Gauthier

When will the course start? Starting in January, the course is split into three parts:

  • 8 on-site teaching days (Ecole Polytechnique campus, in the city of Palaiseau near Paris),
  • 5 distance teaching weeks through a SPOC (Small Private Online Course),
  • 8 weeks on a collaborative project.

This programme is original because it combines both technological and business aspect.

It will give you a business training that is practical and it will not take you back in the university. This programme is not made with several courses on marketing, accounting, finance… The objective is to do all of that but with an operational approach.” Sarah Martin, Programme Director at Ecole Polytechnique.

Join (no specific prerequisites)! At the end of this course you will be able to understand the global and regional macro-economic balance in energy markets, draw up strategies for the public or corporate domain, create challenging projects and manage contractual and risk aspects linked to energy field. The “Entrepreneurship in Renewable Energy” programme will be hosting between 25 and 40 students coming from all over the world. The price is 11 000€ without VAT (meals included) and the deadline to apply is October 17, 2016. Register here. For more info: ISE/Entrepreneurship in renewable energy