Our offer for entrepreneurs

Our services tailored to your needs will turn your early stage startup into a successful business. By joining the most important sustainable energy community in Europe, you could benefit from our Venture Capital Community, get your technology innovation financed through the Innovation projects, or find the best experts in the technology area of your interest.

InnoEnergy Highway®

InnoEnergy Highway® is an accelerator specialised in sustainable energy with various entry points across Europe. We support entrepreneurs in enhancing their technology, developing their business model, building a winning team and providing access to finance. We offer these services through our extensive European network of over 150 key players in the energy field. We commit ourselves to finding the first customer, and through equity participation, we invest in those start-ups that we believe can make a difference.

InnoEnergy Venture Capital Community

InnoEnergy has united a community of eleven of the largest Cleantech funds in Europe. The community represents a disruptive way of understanding how venture capital companies can add value to start-ups beyond funding. The members of the community provide regular feedback on the our supported start-ups, you can therefore get very valuable insights for your company. It will increase sucess rate when you will be ready to raise funds and it will  reduce the “time-to-money” for your company.

Innovation Projects

As an entrepreneur you can also benefit from the support we provide through the innovation projects for finalising and commercialising technological innovations that lead to new products and services.

Our Partners

InnoEnergy has 27 formal partners, who are all shareholders in our company. In addition, we work with over 150 associate and project partners across Europe in the fields of education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

iSE - The Institute of Sustainable of Sustainable Energy

Through our professional courses, The Institute of Sustainable Energy will help entrepreneurs advance their ideas and businesses. By signing up to our online portal today you can take professional online courses from inspiring professors and industry experts, which will help to advance your knowledge in the fields of sustainable energy, innovation and entrepreneurship.