ENTECH Summer Atelier 2015

How does co-creation work? Can students, experts and industry really work together to find the solution to a real life challenging question? In the 2014 ENTECH Open Space Studio Summer Atelier, exactly these questions were asked and the results were more than satisfying. In the second edition in 2015 we went even further.

This time, 26 ENTECH students from their first year locations Institutio Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon, Portugal, and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany met in Feldafing, close to Munich and the Bavarian Alps, from 23 – 29 August.

The schedule first included several days of preparatory work for the students to ensure they are well equipped for  the co-creation process with industry guests and this years project ‘Eco-Dryer Systems’. Since it is the proclaimed target of KIC InnoEnergy to connect the sides of the Knowledge Triangle, a big part of the Summer Atelier is a co-creation process in which students, experts and industry partners work on a breakthrough question together.

Eco-Dryer Systems is a KIC InnoEnergy venture that wants to bring a revolutionary and eco-friendly dryer to the market. For them, the burning question at the moment is how to exactly do that: ‘How do we bring Eco-Dryer Systems to the market in a sustainable and profitable way?’ was the topic of the co-creation process. Facilitators Vittoria Piattelli and Matthew Clarke, along with Nienke Vording and Claudia Depenthal, managed to prepare students and guests so well for the co-creation event, that a concrete timeline of actions for the next 18 months was developed by the end of the process on the last day.

“Were very satisfied in general with the concept of the Open Space Studio, particularly in the process of the co-creation, and with the way the Open Space Studio facilitated community building in the great way that it did.” Jeevan Dasan and Swaroop Rao, participating ENTECH students

If you are interested in knowing more about these exciting days from our students’ perspective, have a look the report written by Jeevan Dasan and Swaroop Rao. Read it here.

To give you a better impression, we’ve selected a few snapshots in our Flickr account.

The Summer Atelier is only the half-time milestone in the Open Space Studio for the ENTECH students: Along with the new ENTECH intake 2015 they will meet again at the Open Space Studio Winter Atelier in November. They will get more personalised coaching there and reconnect with Eco-Dryer Systems to discuss progress and possible next steps.