ENTECH students got together for the Open Space Studio Summer Atelier 2016

How does co-creation work? Can students, experts and industry really work together to find the solution to a real life challenging question? Focusing on the struggles of a start-up, the 2015 ENTECH Open Space Studio Summer Atelier asked exactly these questions and the results were more than satisfying (Read more here). The third edition in 2016 brought this to the KIC InnoEnergy and European perspective.

The 2016 ENTECH Open Space Studio Summer (OSS) Atelier hosted 35 first-year KIC InnoEnergy ENTECH students from both Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Instituto Superio Técnico (IST) in Lisbon. The students got together from July 3rd to 9th for the third edition of the Open Space Studio Summer Atelier, this time at the peaceful and beautiful Bad Endbach, located 100 km from Frankfurt and in the heart of Europe, surrounded only by hills, forests and wind turbines.

The Summer Atelier was composed by two closely linked parts, a 3-day self-leadership journey for the students and a 2-day co-creation workshop together with students, alumni, KIC InnoEnergy staff and industry experts.

The self-leadership journey focused on finding and clarifying the students’ personal core purpose followed by individual future scenario planning and stakeholder analysis. Along this journey, the students come together in a series of practical activities and reflections to learn and enhance their communication, facilitation and team building competences. The students were also trained and prepared for the co-creation process taking place at the end of the week.

The 2-day co-creation workshop was held on the topic ‘How do we build an energy forum in Europe to progress complex energy challenges in an Open Space Studio way?’. The group of 35 students and 16 guests were lead through a co-creative dialogue to answer this question. A new element was to capture the output in a big picture by a visual facilitator. All participants were impressed by the result of the days which they created together and the way how the Open Space Studio is working.

This is only the half-mile marker in the OSS journey for the ENTECH students. In November of 2016 they will be present at the KIC InnoEnergy Master School KIC Off – where they will support the facilitators as catalysts. Along with the new ENTECH intake 2016, they will then directly follow up with the Open Space Studio Winter Atelier, which will be their last step in the ENTECH Open Space Studio journey before the OSS Conference in 2017.

To give you a better impression, we’ve selected a few snapshots in our Flickr account.