ENTECH – Open Space Studio Conference and Graduation

Every journey comes to an end at some point – or changes shape. For the students of our Master School Programme Energy Technologies (ENTECH) who started in 2013, could now celebrate their graduation and the end of their two-year journey within ENTECH and the related Open Space Studio.  Thanks to the programme, they are now well-equipped to act as change agents in their future energy business environment.

The students convened one last time all together in Karlsruhe from 10 till 12 October to be trained during the Open Space Studio Conference and to enjoy their graduation ceremony. The big question for the training and the Conference was “How do we be a game changer in sustainable energy today”. The first two days were spent on preparing presentations in the format of TED Talks on their response to the big question based on their research during the master thesis, their broader understanding of life and their experience of the Open Space Studio. All the prepared talks and also the final one during the conference were captured on camera. The second day was also used to deepen their experience in leading co-creation.

Day 1 was rounded off by a common dinner, along with Alumni from the 2012 intake, and their graduation ceremony from the Open Space Studio.

The big day for the presentations was then on 12 October where the students presented their individual 5-minute talks, allowing the attending guests from academia and industry to get a broad overview over their interests and thoughts. Throughout the afternoon the big question “How do we be a game changer in sustainable energy” was tackled in small, gradually merging groups, to finish in a big circle. The co-created responses could be condensed in four areas of attention.

Observing the massive in- and output created at the end of the day, one guest observed ‘I wish I had that when I was their age – the complexity and depth with which they tackle this complicated topic is impressive’.

The ENTECH Intake 2013 started their Open Space Studio journey over two years ago, with a Winter Atelier in the Black Forest in 2013, followed by two-day – Leading Growth – trainings in Karlsruhe and Lisbon. A highlight of their journey was the ensuing Summer Atelier in 2014, where they learned to contribute to co-creating solutions to a current EU sustainable energy challenge posed by the project RENOLUTION.

The success of the ENTECH Intake 2013 is also visible in several of our students’ projects: some of them wrote their theses in KIC InnoEnergy ventures such us ProDrone, the award winner at TBB. 2015 in Berlin. Another example is Ali Mohammadi who won two innovation prices in the past two years.

We wish all our graduates from the 2013 ENTECH Intake success and happiness in their future. As one of the now-Alumni said: “This is not an end, it’s the beginning of something great!” In this sense the Open Space Studio journey goes on.

You’ll find more pictures in our Flickr album.