Energeotek meets Smart City leaders from Beijing

Chinese Beijing Smart City delegation was recently welcome at the Swedish office to learn about Energeotek and their new NxGeo® renewable energy system.  The scope and objective of the delegation is to accelerate the energy and sustainability transitions in the Beijing area and meet the ambitious cleantech targets set by the central Chinese government.

23 delegates visited our office premises in Stockholm last week to hear about Energeotek and their new NxGeo® renewable energy system. Among them, representatives of the Vice Mayor of Beijing City, representatives of the “Greater-Beijing” area – whose municipalities and cities account for approx. 2 million inhabitants each, and high-level technical policy and decision-makers for cleantech development in the Beijing area.

Christofer Friberg, VP Corporate Affairs at Energeotek, hosted and conducted a presentation on Energeotek and their NxGeo® deep geothermal energy system. It was also the occasion for Oguzhan Erim, Innovation Development Manager at InnoEnergy, to present how InnoEnergy accelerates the development of market-ready solutions to achieve a sustainable energy future.

China has ambitious plans for their cleantech sector, both to improve the environmental footprint and create business opportunities. Christofer Friberg successfully demonstrated that geothermal energy is an inexhaustible and environmentally friendly energy source that could well become the energy pillar for cities entering the transition into sustainable smart and safe cities. The Beijing Smart City delegation also demonstrated clear interest and enthusiasm in relation to InnoEnergy’s critical role in supporting innovation and young pioneering cleantech companies like Energeotek to accelerate the energy- and sustainability transition in Europe.

With immediate very positive feedback, Energeotek and the Beijing Smart City Delegation will now further study on the possibility to establish long-term partnership.