Why Join Us?

The benefits of InnoEnergy PhD School extend beyond outstanding career prospects for its candidate students.

The energy sector as a whole has plenty of reasons to collaborate with us. A stronger climate of innovation, international mobility and networking, wider sources of funding for research institutes, plus a greater competitive edge for companies, for example candidates spend a significant amount of time during their entire PhD studies in different facilities so they gain a profound understanding of how organisational and innovation processes work. They also gain cross-organisational skills; our PhD candidates will be able to understand and communicate different professional company perspectives such as product development, finance or marketing.Thanks to this ability, they can link the innovation process not only between different parts of one organisation but also to collaboration with R&D partners in other spheres.

Our offering:

Highlights of what we can offer PhD candidates, institutes and companies include:

  • Funding of expenses linked to training modules, travel, tuition fees and accommodation.
  • Allowances related to international mobility:

To encourage mobility, an allowance is given to the candidate’s employer during his/her mobility stay. This allowance was created to support the extra costs of mobility and covers up to € 1500 per month for each candidate, with a limit of €9,000 per candidate.

  • Possible participation in InnoEnergy Highway®, which offers all the services needed to transform ideas or ventures into successful businesses

Benefits for PhD candidates

Our education in innovation and entrepreneurship gives you insights into the economy and industrial outlook of the energy field. You can study innovation and entrepreneurship in parallel to your ongoing PhD studies and receive support for European mobility.  The pan-European network in academia and industry will make it easier to find a highly qualified international job.

Benefits for labs in universities and research institutes

PhD candidates supported by us will catalyse your lab’s power of innovation. They will also act as a catalyst for additional funding, collaborative research and international collaboration, especially regarding mobility. They can also turn research results into products and services that can generate revenue.

Benefits for the energy industry

Having a PhD candidate supported by us in your company will make it easier to connect your R´n´D related units to each other. It will also be easier to connect your R´n´D to other companies, universities or research institutes. This will give your company a competitive advantage in bringing new products and services to market.


Our programme is now open for applications. Learn more about how to apply for our PhD school. Here, you can access our school handbook, which provides more information on the study options available to our students.