Mauricio Gutierrez Salas

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How does your work contribute to a sustainable future?

I come from Costa Rica where we are always aware of sustainability and everybody is pushing to have more environment-friendly designs. I always wanted to try and help the environment and now I’m doing my PhD where the end-result is going to be less CO2 emissions from gas turbine engines.

What have you learned from the InnoEnergy PhD School’s programme? 

It’s like getting outside your comfort zone. On one course I learned about the energy market in Europe: how energy is traded from one country to another and who is involved. It’s interesting that there is a lot of political work in the background that pushes all these things. It was all totally new for me and I found it fascinating because I have greater understanding of where the project fits in and why we have the funding. It’s like putting everything together and it makes more sense.

How have your managed the InnoEnergy PhD School activities with your PhD research?

I think it works really well since you have the option to decide which year to take the courses, so you can see when you are going to be available. And then you put in all your effort for that one week, and then come back and continue with your research. It’s better than having parallel courses where you end up not putting in that much effort because you have too much at once. I really like it that it works this way.

What has been the main benefit of the InnoEnergy PhD School?

Interacting with all these people from different backgrounds and all these professionals from the industry has been really cool. You gain knowledge of what’s happening in the real world, and a different perspective on engineering. You also get the long view from thinking about what you would do as an engineer in the future, and which ideas can make it real. I started thinking in this way and I hope that I’m going to continue thinking this way.

Where will the skills you have gained take you in the future?

I see myself having my own company. Something related to turbo-machinery. Maybe designing or analysing these gas turbines or even manufacturing spare parts. That’s the reason I signed up for the InnoEnergy PhD School – because I want to learn these entrepreneur-related topics.