Khadija Benis


What have you learned from the InnoEnergy PhD School’s programme?

I’ve just taken the course on Energy Economics at the Grenoble School of Management. I’ve had similar courses before, but the approach at Grenoble was very different and gave us a much wider view of the reality of what’s happening in Europe’s energy sector. The professors and experts were very good: it was intensive but it was really interesting and it was definitely added value to my research.

How have you managed the InnoEnergy PhD School activities and your research?

It works well because there is a lot of flexibility and we can choose the courses according to our schedule. For example, I planned to attend summer school at ESADE in July but then I had a conference in London, so I will do the summer school next year instead. I need to be organised and get things done before going, but I think it’s totally compatible with my studies.

What have been the main benefits of participating in the InnoEnergy PhD School?

For me, it’s the networking and the contacts I have made. The PhD School has opened a whole world of opportunities and has given me the chance to meet people from many different backgrounds. I was at a networking event in Budapest last week and the atmosphere of creativity and innovation among all these start-ups was amazing. I made contacts with people that will be useful for my research as well as other ideas I have.

Where will these skills you have gained take you in the future?

Hopefully I will open a successful start-up with the help of the InnoEnergy PhD School. I have always seen myself in business rather than just producing a thesis that will get covered in dust in the library. I see myself bringing some product to the market or creating solutions that will make a difference, even if it’s a very small change. I think I’m in the right place to achieve that because the PhD School gives us the tools and the opportunities to do so.