Our PhD students

PhD school provides deep insight into energy markets and real world demands. We also provide necessary knowledge for company creation and how to make business out of ideas. Read more about how some of our PhD candidates have used this support to realize their ideas.

"PhD School has changed my point of view"

Henrique’s main problem is not having enough time to fit in all the projects, courses and companies that he wants to work on! Alongside the research for his PhD project , he is already applying the concepts learned in KIC InnoEnergy PhD School to his work as the co-manager of a successful start-up.

"A huge step towards reducing CO2 emissions"

Khadija has just started in the PhD School but has already attended a networking event and made contacts that may eventually turn into business partners. She is confident that the PhD school will give her the tools and opportunities she needs  to become a successful entrepreneur and make a positive difference in the world.

"PhD School helps you see the bigger impact of your research"

How many people can say that they grow sapphires for a living? Gourav Sen is involved in a project to create lenses for high-powered lasers. He says that the KIC InnoEnergy PhD School has changed his view of entrepreneurship. He now looks forward to eventually leading both the scientific and economic aspects of a research project.

“A new perspective on engineering”

Mauricio is working hard to understand the natural phenomena of flutter and forced response, as part of a project to build more efficient gas turbines. Since joining KIC InnoEnergy PhD School, he has already gained some of the tools needed to pursue his dream of starting a company. Most importantly, a new perspective on engineering.

“Water from the air to the consumers”

Ricardo has developed a device to extract water vapour from the air. He has found the courses offered by KIC InnoEnergy PhD School to be invaluable in showing him how to position and market his device. The next step is to develop this concept into larger off-grid greenhouses that could solve some of the world’s water problems.