International and industry connections

Explore potential collaboration, expand your horizons.

Networking and collaboration opportunities to expand your horizons

Achieving sustainable energy transcends national boundaries and academic disciplines. The InnoEnergy PhD School is designed to give all participants an international, multi-cultural perspective on the needs of the energy industry and the challenges of sustainability.

It also provides access to leading specialists and experts across Europe, and the opportunity to start building a pan-European network of like-minded thinkers, researchers and practitioners.

 International placements

We encourage all candidates to work with businesses in order to develop and strengthen collaboration between labs and industry, and expand their own skill base through exposure to different organisations and cultures.

All PhD candidates participating in the InnoEnergy PhD School are required to undertake an international placement lasting at least four months. Candidates should conduct part of their research, or participate in a research project at a suitable university, research institute or company in another country from their host university.

Candidates can choose to undertake several placements, provided the total time spent in foreign organisations is between four and 12 months. Candidates may split one placement into several periods, if necessary, but at least one of these periods must last a minimum of three months.

InnoEnergy provides financial support to candidates, via their home university, to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

Annual conference

The InnoEnergy PhD School organises an annual, three-day event that gives all participants the opportunity to:

  • Gain knowledge on common themes and topics through presentations and workshops
  • Explore potential collaborations with members of the InnoEnergy network
  • Meet current InnoEnergy PhD school participants and recent graduates, and gain inspiration from their stories
  • Connect with business specialists, industrial leaders and other experts
  • Develop essential skills to enhance your research, your innovation potential, your career and your network of contacts

Individual exploration

In addition to attending the events and courses delivered by InnoEnergy and its partners, doctoral candidates can also pursue additional, career-enhancing activities with our support.

Candidates have the freedom to explore opportunities they feel will add value to their research or to their future prospects, and which are in line with InnoEnergy’s philosophy of bringing together ideas, innovation and business.

This can include conferences, study visits, workshops, or internships – but is not limited to these types of events or activities. The goal is to encourage and enable candidates to develop their own, individualised programme to increase the impact of their research.