Innovation Camp


from November 28th  to December 9th, 2016


Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.


Course objective and topics covered

Present day energy and mobility systems are under high pressure for change due to issues like resource depletion and air pollution. How can we link to these changing markets and create new business that will transform these systems and create the smart cities of tomorrow? It all starts with innovative technologies, however they are useless unless they become enacted in the market, ideally leading to new business creation. Thus, next to an innovative technology it is essential to have an entrepreneurial mindset. However, engineers are usually not trained for this. After completion of this course you will obtain the necessary basic knowledge, tools and skills for commercializing new transformative technologies as part of a large organization or on the basis of your own company.


During a series of creative and interactive sessions you will learn the following topics that you will apply to your own project:

  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Business model design
  • Innovation ecosystem orchestration
  • Pro’s and con’s of the lean start‐up approach vs. the classic business plan
  • Marketing for new ventures
  • Team building and management in new ventures
  • Financial statements
  • Continuation, up‐scaling and exit strategy of new ventures
  • Legal issues: protection of the business idea and dealing with governmental subsidies
  • and regulations
  • Entrepreneurial skills development


These will be further exemplified using case studies and scientific readings from the field as well as guest lecturers from entrepreneurs and managers and company visits. You will also closely interact with peer students from various technical backgrounds.