Entrepreneurship Summer School

A one month program for Business Model Evaluation and Business Model Preparation


from the 6th to 17th of June 2016


ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

Topic Creative thinking, entrepreneurial finances, marketing for entrepreneurs, intellectual property rights, leading teams, public presentation, pitching
Structure Summer school
Number of participants 15-30
Evaluation Individual and team-based evaluation
Organizer ESADE Business School
Is remote access possible and how? No
Registration, Admission criteria, Deadlines Registration deadline to be defined
Cost Free for KIC InnoEnergy PhD Students. Travel, Accommodation, Meals: not included in the course*. The participants will handle their booking of travel and accommodation by themselves.

Main Objectives
This program aims to provide the students with the necessary concepts and tools so they can understand the key issues to successfully manage innovation and how to tackle and prepare a business plan or a business case.

Intended Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Find and evaluate business ideas.
  • Analyse the environment, the industry and the market to understand the business idea.
  • Differentiate between an idea and an opportunity.
  • Design and validate a suitable business model.
  • Find and implement a competitive strategy to convince clients to continuously choose your offering instead of your competitors’.
  • Grasp the basic tools for market analysis and consumer understanding.
  • Understand the frameworks for designing marketing plans.
  • Gain a command over financial statements: profit and loss account, cash flow and balance sheet.
  • Estimate the capital requirements of the venture.
  • Protect the new venture.
  • Identify what can be patented
  • Learn the importance of the team and its management
  • develop his/her Leadership skills

Short Description
This course and its contents are designed around the concept of a new tech-based entrepreneurial venture, specialty in the areas of sustainable energy.
Starting a new business includes a different array of tasks and operations. An overview of the process of identifying an opportunity, turning an idea into a product or service and making a business out of it will help the mind behind the invention to understand the whole process that starts once the discovery has been made.
In general, scientists and others engaged in the development of new knowledge are not usually the ones running the start-ups, as they are more focused on research than the development of new ventures, but their participation in the process will greatly improve the ratio of new inventions turned into new product or services.
This course provides an analysis of today’s energy economics using examples, cases and key academic reading materials in the fields of energy economics and energy management. Central notions discussed during the course will also be illustrated with company visits and/or testimonials from guest speakers. This course also seeks to encourage participants to apply the concepts and business practices studied in the light of their own experiences, and to address their specific questions and concerns using interactive group discussion. Finally, it intends to give participants the opportunity to meet and interact with professionals from the energy sector.