Entrepreneurship, innovation and business courses

 Transform your research into a solution, make an impact.

Courses to enrich your research and build key skills

 To have an impact you need more than a good idea. Successfully transforming research into prototypes, and prototypes into solutions takes hard work, rigorous research – and a thorough understanding of the way that teams, businesses and markets work.

The InnoEnergy PhD School offers doctoral candidates access to a comprehensive set of training courses to complement their own research and acquire key skills in innovation management and entrepreneurship. The combination of mandatory and optional courses means you can choose which to take and when, giving you and your supervisor the chance to tailor your training to meet your needs, interests and timetable.

The courses are run by universities and business schools across Europe. Through a mixture of online and face-to-face instruction, small group work, hands-on projects, gaming techniques and lectures, they offer the latest thinking and teaching methods across a range of core subjects.

All courses are available to InnoEnergy PhD School participants at no cost. InnoEnergy also offers funding, via the home university, to cover travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

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Energy Economics

Energy trends. Market structures. Your research in context.

Examine the models and economics of various energy markets. Explore investment trends and the impact of climate policies. Assess new strategies for utilities in today’s fast-changing energy landscape. The Energy Economics course helps strengthen your energy fundamentals, and broadens your business perspectives.

Entrepreneurship Summer School

Science, research and the successful new business

Want to start a new business? Introduce entrepreneurial ideas to an existing firm? Or bring a business-minded approach to your research? The exclusive ESADE Summer School explains the essential processes and gives you the critical skills to enhance your chance of success – and ensure your research has impact.

Innovation Bootcamp

From engineer to innovator. Shape your business journey.

The Innovation Bootcamp is specially developed to give engineers the entrepreneurial and innovation management skills they need to bring new, transformative technologies to market. This is your chance to gain a solid foundation in all the key skills needed to take innovative ideas out of the lab and into the market.

Law for Academic Innovators

Learn the law. Protect your IP. Enhance your impact

How does patent law help you negotiate future research funding? How will intellectual property rights contribute to your business goals? How do you choose the best company structure for you? And how can you secure patents for your ideas? Find the answers – and more – on this exclusive innovation law course.

Communication in Teamwork and Leadership (introduction)

Build your team and unleash your leadership potential

What makes a good leader? How do you manage high-performing teams? How do you get the best out of your colleagues? Develop the leadership, teamwork and negotiating techniques that will greatly enhance your chances of success – and allow your new communication and presentation skills take centre stage.

Communication in Teamwork and Leadership: public speaking (advanced)

Advanced skills, better teams, greater impact

Take your knowledge and experience to the next level. Explore your negotiating, presentation, motivational, and bargaining techniques in greater depth; practice your innovative problem-solving, delegating and motivational skills; and challenge your imagination to develop your professional abilities still further.

Smart Grids

Explore the technology behind the intelligent network

Electricity networks are getting smarter, more responsive and more efficient. Find out more about smart grids, micro-grids and the technology behind them. Explore the role of energy storage, demand response, and distributed systems. And discover how to manage data, secure supply, and protect assets in an IT-enabled grid.

Energy Solutions Design for Eco-districts

Sustainable resorts, smart skiing and the urban future

Skiing is becoming sustainable at Chamrousse – the Alpine connected smart resort. Join experts from the Grenoble Institute of Technology and their business partners to see how they are developing a new, intelligent and integrated urban complex to meet today’s ecological, climatic and energy challenges.

PhD School Annual Conference

Find your network. Share your ideas. Get inspired.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to share your experiences with colleagues, develop new ways of thinking, and discover how others have transformed their research into real-world solutions. Join experts from InnoEnergy and its partners to learn, network, connect, and explore.