Economic, Scientific and Technological Intelligence (ESTI)


Module 1 : 8th -20th of November 2015
Module 2& 3 : from 16 to 22nd of March 2016

Location :

20 Avenue Albert Einstein, 69621 Villeurbanne cedex, France


Topic Topic Global energy issues; emerging challenges; IP, economic intelligence, promotion and publication of research
Structure Crash course & seminar with 19 lectures representing 49 hours, team working, group activity
Number of participants 25
Evaluation Individual & collective assessment
Organizer Institut National des Sciences Appliquées; INSA Lyon
Is remote access possible and how? Not for the complete course but for some lectures; visio-conference
Registration, Admission criteria, Deadlines Registration deadline to be defined
Cost Cost: free for KIC InnoEnergy PhD Students. Travel, Accommodation, Meals: not included in the course*. The participants will handle their booking of travel and accommodation by themselves.

Main Objectives

There are several goals for this intensive course covering technical methods and in-depth knowledge. They all contribute to give doctoral students the tools necessary to protect and maximize the value and innovation of their research.

Intended Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Demonstrate his/her ability to access and interpret prospective information in relation to the thesis subject
  • Respond and adapt his/her personal cognitive map to the emerging industrial and research challenges in the energy field
  • Develop his/her consciousness of the value of knowledge created by the research project. Identify ways to value this knowledge
  • Know how to apply the different ways of securing his/her work and how to react when problems arise
  • Know how to use international conferences in order to obtain maximum information without delivering key points of your thesis
  • Develop negotiation skills so as to benefit from any opportunity to monetise your thesis

Short Description
The ESTI course covers a set of concepts, methods & tools, for developing competencies to face the challenges of targeting, developing, valuing & protecting your scientific research. This crash course consists of three progressive modules each comprising a first day with international conferences. Then, ESTI methods and tools will be applied along with teamwork during each module. The common thread of these three modules is the contribution of ideas to fuel the thesis. Top international speakers will guide the PhD students to add prospective thinking in the field of energy to their thesis. Thanks to a dialogue with the speakers this intensive course will enable doctoral students to gain perspective on their thesis topic, to be aware of the importance of the peripheral aspects and to develop an innovative vision. The students will be put in a position to apply the methods and concepts of ESTI to their research in order to help them to protect, promote and publicise their work. They will apply the ESTI methods and tools to their thesis, which will enable them to secure their work and to consider the possible value of their thesis both in academic research and in industry. By the emphasis on interpersonal exchanges, both with the expert speakers and with multicultural teamwork, this ESTI intensive course aims to advance and deepen students’ thinking around their doctoral thesis.