Benefits for the energy industry

KIC InnoEnergy PhD School benefits for Energy Industry

PhD candidates with strong pan-European connections help your company to make contact with academia and promising entrepreneurial students:

  • Mobility between facilities in different countries helps achieve PhD training in your company for a lower cost than normal. This benefits your organisation as the candidate can spread his or her skills and connect different parts of your organisation to each other, as well as connect to collaborating partners.
  • It will be easier for your company to recruit top talent combining a high level of expertise with an interest in the industrial market. Furthermore, this talent has an international outlook plus the ability to understand different professional perspectives in an organisation.
  • You will benefit from access to entrepreneurially-minded research staff that deliver a competitive advantage in bringing new products and services to market.
  • Being involved in the PhD School as a collaborative research actor with academia can pave the way to further KIC InnoEnergy innovation projects in the future.