Benefits for PhD candidates

KIC InnoEnergy PhD School benefits

Our education in innovation and entrepreneurship gives you insights into the economy and industrial outlook of the energy field:

  • You learn how energy businesses are created and run.
  • You stay one step ahead of other PhD students when developing new products and services and bringing them to market.

The support for international mobility across Europe gives you a multi-national perspective:

  • You’ll experience different parts of international organisations
  • You become more open-minded to embracing new cultures and professional challenges.
  • Relocation experience is an advantage in international organisations.
  • Mobility also gives you the opportunity to develop multiple language skills.

Having expenses paid for project at a foreign university or international company for between 4 to 12 months opens up new horizons:

  • You enjoy a new network of contacts you might otherwise miss, e.g. high-level industry representatives.
  • You gain an opportunity to do an internship in a company or university away from your ‘home university.’

The pan-European network in academia and industry gives you your own contacts within the energy industry:

  • You’ll be more attractive on the job market, making it easier to find a highly qualified international job or pursue a well-paid career in academia.

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