Benefits for labs in universities and research institutes

KIC InnoEnergy PhD School benefits for labs Having a PhD candidate in a lab dedicated to innovation means that:

  • Their entrepreneurial spirit will catalyse your lab’s power of innovation.
  • They will also act as a catalyst for additional funding, collaborative research and international collaboration, especially regarding mobility. They can secure new collaborations and funding where industrial cooperation is a prerequisite. This can, for example, be innovation projects funded by InnoEnergy or company-funded projects. What’s more, this funding know-how can be transferred from student to supervisor for future use.
  • Their help in turning research results into products and services can generate revenue.
  • Teaming up with a PhD School researcher also can lead to labs acquiring KIC InnoEnergy innovation projects that even extend beyond the end of the collaboration. Note that the education is customized based on the experience of the research student, and designed to benefit the innovation capacity of the lab.