Step 1 – Admission and selection criteria


The InnoEnergy PhD School has strict admissions criteria and only the most suitable applicants are selected for a place. To find out if you have the necessary attributes, background and experience to apply for the InnoEnergy PhD School, please check the admission criteria below.

Your situation

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Are currently enrolled in at a degree-awarding European higher education institute
  • Have at least two years remaining before their PhD defence
  • Have secured financing for the entire duration of their research
  • Are conducting research with a strong industry focus in one of the following thematic fields:
    • Clean coal technologies
    • Electricity storage
    • Energy efficiency
    • Energy from chemical fuels
    • Nuclear instrumentation
    • Renewable energies
    • Smart and efficient buildings and cities
    • Smart electric grid

Your research and interests

Candidates applying to the InnoEnergy PhD School should be able to demonstrate:

  • An interest in innovation in the field of sustainable energy
  • A wish to create practical outcomes from research into innovative solutions
  • A commitment to research that has a high potential for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • A strong connection with business or industry with their thesis
  • A desire to make an impact on the global energy challenge with their work

Your commitment

Candidates participating in the InnoEnergy PhD School commit to take part in:

  • All mandatory training courses (4 weeks)
  • At least one optional course (1 weeks)
  • At least one InnoEnergy PhD School annual conference (3 days)
  • At least one international placement lasting a minimum of four months*
  • At least a meeting or a call once a year with your local officer to discuss your progress

Candidates also commit to writing an entrepreneurship, innovation and business (EIB) thesis. This is a research and development project to develop a product or service to be made available on a commercial basis, in accordance with the InnoEnergy Innovation Projects guidelines.

 *NB: Placements may be split into several periods, but at least one period must last a minimum of three months.

 How do we choose successful applicants?

Eligible candidates are evaluated and ranked according to the following criteria. The highest-ranking candidates are invited to a face-to-face interview and assessment before the final selection is made.

  1. Motivation: candidates must be able to demonstrate an exceptional interest in entrepreneurship, innovation and business creation.
  2. Innovation: candidates should have an innovative research project that is highly likely to lead to a new business being created, a new product being developed, or a new offer of service being made available.
  3. Know-how: candidates must have an excellent background in engineering, science, business or management and strong entrepreneurial ambitions.

If this sounds like you, then the next stage is to check you have all the documents you need.