What we look for in a candidate:

We are looking for:

  • An interest in energy innovation and turning research into a viable business opportunity, connecting this to patents, IP, risk assessment, etc.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship potential in PhD thesis.
  • An industry connection of PhD thesis.

PhD students actively looking for opportunities, to improve and make an impact on society with their research.

When can you apply?

The PhD School is always open for your application.

When can you expect to hear from us?

The evaluation committee meets three times a year (usually in March, June and November). Once the evaluation committee has ranked all applicants, a final selection will take place via a series of online interviews and a one-day assessment centre.

Admission and Selection Criteria

Our PhD school employs a strict admissions criteria and only the most suitable applicants are selected for a place on our programmes. To find out if you have the necessary skills and experience to apply for our school, read our admission criteria on the following pages.

Application Documents and Structures

We are looking for highly motivated students whose thesis project also fulfils the eligibility requirements. Candidates need the full support of their supervisor to apply. Before applying, PhD candidates should ensure that they have all relevant paperwork ready.