InnoEnergy PhD School

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The InnoEnergy PhD School supports research with impact. We enable doctoral candidates to complement their research with essential entrepreneurial, innovation, business and personal skills. We strengthen connections between individual researchers across Europe. We support cross-cultural collaboration and teamwork – and we help bring research labs and universities closer to industry.

Find out how participating in the InnoEnergy PhD School can boost your career, your research or your product development.

Empowering research. Enabling innovation


From idea to product.
From lab to market.
From doctoral candidate to potential entrepreneur.



The InnoEnergy PhD School is about enabling transformation. Turning cutting-edge research into innovative solutions that will have an impact on our world. Giving researchers the skills, insight and contacts needed to add depth and context to their research. Creating new networks of emerging knowledge, expertise and vision. And all to convert current energy systems into sustainable alternatives.

We offer:

  1. Unmatched access to complementary training in entrepreneurship, innovation and business skills to PhD candidates enrolled in universities across Europe.
  2. Dedicated support for PhD candidates to develop collaborative, cross-cultural skills among our international network of research, business, industrial and start-up partners.
  3. Unrivalled opportunities to pool knowledge, share experiences and spark new ideas among a growing network of active, engaged and committed business and research partners.

By joining the InnoEnergy PhD School:

  • Doctoral candidates build personal networks across Europe while enhancing their understanding of business organisations, the innovation process, and the energy sector as a whole. Exclusive access to complementary training enables candidates to maintain the highest standards of research, while boosting their innovation capacity, and enhancing their CV with highly prized, in-demand business and personal skills.
  • Research labs extend their influence across Europe, increase their attractiveness to grant-giving and funding bodies, contribute to wider research activities, develop a reputation for both innovation and collaborative research, and turn research results into products and services that can generate revenue.
  • Business partners host the brightest entrepreneurial minds and the most exciting research in their field, gain competitive advantage through priority access to new innovations, and strengthen connections between industrial R&D and academic research.

Be part of the energy evolution.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and business courses

Energy Economics and Teamwork & Leadership. Innovation Bootcamp or a Summer School for Entrepreneurs. Find out how these and other courses complement individual research, add context and depth to the innovation process, increase the potential of new ideas, and help ensure real impact in and outside the lab.

International and industry connections

Spark new ideas, share insights and experience, and expand your personal and professional innovation network. The InnoEnergy PhD School enables all participants to develop international connections and build bridges between business and academia – find out more here.

PhD candidates making a difference

PhD candidates already participating in the InnoEnergy PhD School explain the experience in their own words. What have they learned? How have they benefitted? What are their plans for the future? And how have they managed complementary training and international placements with their own research? Find out here.

The InnoEnergy Innovation Doctorate

InnoEnergy is expanding the PhD School to further strengthen the connections between industry and academia, and to create ever more opportunities for collaboration between labs and markets. Through the new InnoEnergy Innovative Doctorate programme, we now co-fund a number of industrial PhD positions, hosted by partner businesses, each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the training courses, international places, co-funding, admissions criteria, the application process, the benefits of the InnoEnergy PhD School for research supervisors, academic institutions and businesses – and much more – in our FAQs.


The InnoEnergy PhD School is open for applications from candidates enrolled on relevant doctoral programmes at any time of the year. Find out about the candidates we’re looking for, the academic and language requirements, the documents you need to provide and how to submit your application here.