InnoEnergy PhD School

Join the sustainable energy revolution and boost your personal and career prospects. Combine your current PhD studies with customised training in innovation and entrepreneurship. Positions throughout Europe. Mobility support included.

Why Join Us?

There are several reasons to join our PhD School, the most significant being the uncompromised education you will receive. Every student receives customised training in innovation, business creation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable energy including support for mobility between different research and development facilities.

Our PhD candidates

How do you combine your PhD studies with courses in entrepreneurship, innovation and business? Can you really make a living out of growing sapphires. And how is it possible extract water from the air and distribute it to households?? Our PhD candidates have the answers.

Courses and Syllabus

Why not study Energy Economics, Entrepreneurship Summer School or Renewables Boot Camp? These are just some examples of courses that will help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of the most frequently asked questions our students have in relation to our PhD School. Here, we cover everything from scholarships to thesis projects and some of the finer details about our application process.

Benefits for PhD candidates

Our education in innovation and entrepreneurship gives you insights into the economy and industrial outlook of the energy field. You can study innovation and entrepreneurship in parallel to your ongoing PhD studies and receive support for European mobility. The pan-European network in academia and industry will make it easier to find a highly qualified international job.

Benefits for labs in universities and research institutes

PhD candidates supported by us will catalyse your lab’s power of innovation. They will also act as a catalyst for additional funding, collaborative research and international collaboration, especially regarding mobility. They can also turn research results into products and services that can generate revenue.

Benefits for the energy industry

Having a PhD candidate supported by us in your company will make it easier to connect your R´n´D related units to each other. It will also be easier to connect your R´n´D to other companies, universities or research institutes. This will give your company a competitive advantage in bringing new products and services to market.


Our programme is always open for applications. Learn more about how to apply for our PhD School.