Support for your career



InnoEnergy was established to connect new businesses with markets, innovators with enablers, and talented graduates with the organisations looking for their unique skills. As a result, our Master’s programmes are designed to encourage all students to focus on their career from the first day at the Master’s School.


InnoEnergy Career Centre

The InnoEnergy Career Centre plays a key role in helping our students and graduates move from education to work. To help Master’s School students realise their career ambitions, it gives continued support including:

  • Developing a unique relationship between students and the energy industry and research centres
  • Directing students towards an appropriate professional career
  • Maintaining active links between students and alumni, encouraging further networking
  • Organising special events that give support to all students and graduates


InnoEnergy Career Centre services include:

Workshops and webinars

The InnoEnergy Career Centre organises various workshops throughout the year. Typical topics include: ‘How to Find Your Way to Change the Game’ and ‘How to Turn Your Experience of Study Abroad into Career Success’. These workshops and webinars are for both first- and second-year students at the InnoEnergy Master’s School students and for all InnoEnergy PhD School students.

Interview training

The InnoEnergy Career Centre offers one-on-one sessions with a career coach to help you maximise your chances of interview success. During the session, coaches help you prepare for a face-to-face or online interview, by looking at your presentation style and body language, and helping you tackle difficult interview questions. They also discuss how best to include and present your skills and your InnoEnergy education to a prospective employer.

These interview-training sessions are designed for InnoEnergy Master’s School students who are in the process of or just about to apply for jobs or internships. To book a session, send an email to

Industry career advisers

The InnoEnergy Career Centre has several experts from the industry available to answer career-related questions from InnoEnergy students. The advisers are also ambassadors of InnoEnergy students and may be able to help students take the next step in their search for a job or internship. Industry career advisers’ time is naturally limited, so InnoEnergy emails students about possible time slots.

Personal career coaching

Our graduates can be found working corporate utilities, small and medium-sized companies, in research and development, pursuing a doctorate or starting their own business. Each one has found a different way to make a difference.

With so many choices, finding the right career is about more than matching skills and job descriptions. It’s about finding the right kind of organization for your individual strengths, attributes and qualities. Career coaching at the InnoEnergy Career Centre helps you to understand more about what you want from a career, where you want to start and where you want to end up, the type and size of organization that interests you most, and the kinds of environment in which you typically flourish. Our personal career coaches you find the right place and the right role for you to create the biggest impact.

CV checks

There is no universal standard for a CV or résumé. Different countries tend to have different requirements for layout, personal information, photos and supporting application letters. Throughout the year, the InnoEnergy Career Centre runs CV checking sessions to help you create a CV that is appropriate for the company, the role and the country you are applying in, and ensures you attract attention for all the right reasons.

Job alerts

The InnoEnergy Career Centre also issues alerts to keep you up to date with the latest job opportunities, available internships, thesis projects and entry-level positions. The Job alert service is available to all Master’s School students who sign up.

Partner universities career services

In addition to the services provided by the InnoEnergy Career Centre, students can also take advantage of the career services and job portals run by many of our partner universities.

InnoEnergy CommUnity

InnoEnergy’s CommUnity is a network of students, alumni, entrepreneurs and partners across the entire InnoEnergy organisation. Its goal is to strengthen the bonds between all participants in our programmes, and to offer Europe-wide support to all members of our community. InnoEnergy CommUnity representatives organise various activities for members throughout the year. They include:

  • Speaker series
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Entrepreneurship programmes
  • Local career support programmes
  • Professional development and training programmes
  • Annual AlumniUnite event


Contact: InnoEnergy CommUnity officer Claudio Geyken at