Your connection to industry

The MSc SENSE programme has strong partnerships with companies such as ABB and Vattenfall, and bodies like the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) that have a strong interest in advancing the development of smart grids in Europe. These organisations actively participate in the programme to ensure it remains current and relevant to your needs – and their own.

We involve our industrial partners in a number of important areas. They are engaged in curriculum design, student selection, teaching, internships, support for master’s theses, and job opportunities. You will also have the opportunity to engage with them at networking events, guest lectures and field visits.

Specific opportunities to engage with our industry partners include:

Master’s School kick-off

All first-year students studying for an InnoEnergy Master’s School programme get together to launch the new academic year together with teachers and industry experts from across the entire energy sector.

 On-site study visits

As part of the MSc SENSE programme you have the opportunity to visit some of our partners’ leading-edge installations, and gain a greater understanding and insight into the latest industrial research and its commercial application. Recent study visits have included:

  • The HVDC headquarters of ABB Group, where its most complete activities in the field of power transmission are conducted.
  • The Vattenfall Älvkarleby Hydro Power Station, the company’s power plant with the largest installed capacity.

Innovation Industrial Projects

Innovation projects give you the opportunity to work on real-world challenges set by our industrial partners. The projects give you an opportunity to work in close collaboration with industry players, and to develop innovative solutions to some of the problems they face. Recent examples of Innovation Industrial Projects include:

  • Developing an experimental technique to detect magnetic field anomalies caused by ferromagnetic materials, and designing a method to scan these anomalies using small dirigibles or drones, as proposed by ABB Corporate Research.
  • Grid investment analysis in relation to network regulation models, in cooperation with Ellevio.
  • Current transformer testing methods, in cooperation with Megger Sweden AB.

The MEET event

An annual event focusing on smart-grid innovation, the MEET event is an opportunity for all students on the MSc SENSE programme to come together at KTH: Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden to share their experiences and insights. In addition, Year 1 students present the results of their Innovation Industrial Projects, while Year 2 students present the preliminary results of their thesis either as a seminar session or joint poster session.


You are encouraged to undertake your thesis at one of the programme’s industrial partners. The thesis work gives you privileged access to the most prestigious industries whose experts act as the mentors of your work.