Industrial innovation projects

Innovation industrial projects give you the opportunity to work on real-world challenges set by our industry partners. You work in close collaboration with industry players on developing innovative solutions to some of the problems they face. You work in a team with fellow students, and will undertake at least part of your project on site at the business partner that initially set the challenge.

Recent examples of Innovation Industrial Projects include:

The E16 Electric Road: The E16 project is the first test site for electrified roads in Sweden. It consists of a 2km test road, where heavy electric trucks are powered by pantographs connected to overhead wires. The project tests and analyses all kinds of scenarios and situations related to electrified roads, so that operators of transport and electricity services can better understand the potential of such roads in Sweden and beyond.

Students taking part in this project worked on:

  • Estimating the frequency of the vehicles on the road in different time and weather conditions
  • Assessing the comparative advantages of using overhead lines or ground conductors to supply power to the roads
  • Optimising the design of local sub-stations to support connections between electrified roads and the electric grid.
  • Identifying possible difficulties around power quality and security and proposing solutions and regulations

Finding ways to extend the electrified road concept in various geographical conditions