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YearUniversityCourse NameECTS CourseCourse TypeCourse Code
1KTHPower Systems and Environment3Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEG2320
1KTHHybrid system modeling and simulation7.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEG2410
1KTHCommunications and Control in Power Systems6Elective 1, Min. 6 ECTSEH2741
1KTHPower Grid Technology and Substation Design6Elective 1, Min. 6 ECTSEI2436
1KTHElectricity Market Analysis7.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEG2210
1KTHHybrid and Embedded Control Systems7.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEL2450
1KTHIT Management with Enterprise Architecture I7.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEH2770
1KTHSeminar Course in Electrotechnical Design and High Voltage Equipment1.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEI2490
1KTHThe sustainable Electric Power Engineer1.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEH2221
1KTHElectrical machines and drives6MandatoryEJ2201
1KTHInnovation and entrepreneurship in electric power engineering6MandatoryEI2600
1KTHPower system analysis6MandatoryEG2100
1KTHPower Generation Operation and Planning6Elective 1, Min. 6 ECTSEG2200
1KTHComputer Applications in Power Systems4.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEH2745
1KTHFACTS and HVDC in Electric Power Systems7.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEG2120
1KTHPower System Stability and Control7.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEG2110
1KTHRenewable Generation in Electricity Markets7.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEG2220
1KTHSeminar in Electrical Machines and Power Electronics1.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSEJ2420
1KTHTheory and Methodology of Science4.5Elective 2, Min. 10,5 ECTSAK2030
1KTHIndustrial Innovation Project12MandatoryEI2610
1KTHPower electronics6MandatoryEJ2301
1KTHSmart Electrical Networks and Systems7.5MandatoryEI2455
2INPGFrench Language and Innovative Project5MandatoryWEU3FLE6
2INPGEconomy and Financial Markets5MandatoryWEUS3EFM
2INPGModelling and Operation of Electrical Grids5SmartGrid Elective (choose 1)5EUS5MFR
2INPGMicroGrids, SmartGrids and Supergrids5SmartGrid Elective (choose 1)5EUS5SMA
2INPGEnergy Management and Energy Efficiency of Buildings5Smart Building Elective (choose 1)5EUS5GEB
2INPGOverall Multidisciplinary Project5Smart Building Elective (choose 1)5EUS5PRI
2INPGNew Sustainable Technologies5Energy Storage Elective (choose 1)5EUS5NTD
2INPGOverall Multidisciplinary Project5Energy Storage Elective (choose 1)5EUS5PRI
2INPGICT for Smart Grids and Smart Cities5Mandatory5EU5ICT6
2INPGDistributed Generation5MandatoryWEUS3DGE
2INPGMaster Thesis30Mandatory
2KULAdvanced Thermodynamics3Elective Thermo Mechanical Energy Min. 6 ECTSH04Q1A
2KULAerodynamics6Elective Thermo Mechanical Energy Min. 6 ECTSH04O1A
2KULAircraft Engines5Elective Thermo Mechanical Energy Min. 6 ECTSH04Z8A
2KULCapita Selecta Green Cities II.13General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSH09G7A
2KULDesign and Management of Electric Power Systems6Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH04C6A
2KULDynamics and Management of Transition Processes towards Sustainable Energy Systems3Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSH09G6A
2KULElectricity and Gas Markets3Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSH06P1A
2KULElectromagnetic Processing of Materials3Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH04B1A
2KULFlexible Electrical Power Systems3Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH0T47A
2KULElectromobility3Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH04C8A
2KULEnergy Law4Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSH06R6A
2KULEnvironmental and Transportation Economics3Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSD0M36A
2KULEnvironmental and Transportation Economics6Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSD0M36B
2KULIndustrial Automation and Control6Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH04D0A
2KULLight and Lighting Systems3Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH04D4A
2KULMaterials in Electrical Engineering3Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH04D6A
2KULMeasurement and Testing including High Voltage3Elective Electrical Energy. Min 6 ECTSH04D2A
2KULNumerical Techniques in Fluid Dynamics3Elective Thermo Mechanical Energy Min. 6 ECTSH04U8A
2KULOptimization6Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSH03E3A
2KULQuantum Physics3Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSH06E2A
2KULTurbomachinery, Part 23Elective Thermo Mechanical Energy Min. 6 ECTSH04Y6A
2KULTurbulence3Elective Thermo Mechanical Energy Min. 6 ECTSH04Y7A
2KULBuilding Simulations3Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSH03T4A
2KULExperimental Design4Elective Techno-Economic Energy Knowledge Min. 3 ECTSG0B68A
2KULMaster's Thesis30MandatoryH09L7B
2KULInnovation Management and Strategy6General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSD0H36A
2KULPhilosophy of Technology4General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSW0EN7A
2KULEngineering Economy3General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSH00K1A
2KULManagement and Information Technology3General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSH00K2A
2KULDutch Language and Cultures3General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSH06B4A
2KULInterdisciplinary Perspectives on Development and Cultures4General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSS0E06A
2KULICT Service Management6General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSD0I69A
2KULIntroduction to Management Strategy4General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSD0R78A
2KULEcodesign and Life Cycle Engineering3General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSH00O3A
2KULIntellectual Property Management4General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSG0B01A
2KULProject Management3General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSH04X2A
2KULEnglish for Professional Purposes3General Interest Courses. Min 4.5 ECTSH04B3A
2TU/eDecentral power generation and active networks5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5SEB0
2TU/eSpecial topics in power electronics5Elective (max. 1 of listed courses) Min. 15 (10) ECTS5LWB0
2TU/eDesign of electrical machines5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5SWA0
2TU/eElectromagnetic compatibility5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5SVB0
2TU/eNumerical methods for electrical engineers5Elective (max. 1 of listed courses) Min. 15 (10) ECTS5CPA0
2TU/eTechnology entrepreneurship5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)1ZM20
2TU/eEnvironment and power engineering2.5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5LEB0
2TU/eHigh-Voltage Technology5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5SVA0
2TU/eInternship15 (20)Option to extend with 5ECTS (compensating 1 elective)5M615 (5M620)
2TU/eMaster thesis30Same regulations as in the hyperlink but only 30 ECTS5SN30
2TU/ePlanning and operation of power systems5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5SEC0
2TU/ePower quality phenomena2.5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5LEH0
2TU/ePower system analysis and optimization5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5XWA0
2TU/eProject management2.5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5KK94
2TU/eDesign and realization of power converters5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5SWB0
2TU/eSmart grid operation through ict5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5LED0
2TU/eUnderground power cables5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5LEC0
2TU/ePulsed Power Technology5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5LEG0
2TU/eProtection and automation of distribution networks2.5Elective min. 15 ECTS (min. 10 with extended internship)5LEA0
2UPCInternship or research projects15Mandatory
2UPCPower electronics applied to distributed energy resources5Mandatory820750
2UPCWind Power5Elective820739
2UPCQuality of power supply and integration of renewable in the network5Elective820753
2UPCElectrical power systems in a distributed environment5Elective820754
2UPCIntegration of renewable energy systems to the grid5Elective820747
2UPCMaster Thesis30Mandatory

The list of courses on this page are examples of possible courses you may be taking in this programme. The universities providing the courses reserve the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule any of their courses.