Qualifications and learning outcomes

The MSc SELECT programme is the ideal preparation for a career in various areas of the sustainable energy industry, and equips you with skills, knowledge and attributes that are much in demand in the energy industry.

In particular, MSc SELECT builds your understanding of the role of interdisciplinary teams in delivering sustainable energy. It enables you to build in-depth knowledge in specific disciplines, while broadening your perspective on how diverse skills bridge the gap between those single disciplines and deliver better results. It gives you insight into where technology and users interact, and how to choose between technological solutions, societal solutions or a combination of both – a strong foundation for your professional life.

On successful completion of the programme you will have developed:

  • Broad knowledge of renewable energy technologies and system integration
  • In-depth knowledge in highly relevant areas of specialisation
  • The skills to analyse and solve multi-disciplinary problems
  • Advanced team-building skills in a multi-national setting
  • Direct experience of real-life challenges and hands-on projects
  • An appreciation of the value of collaboration and inter-disciplinary teamwork

A double degree

You study at two separate universities in two different countries. The programme gives you the opportunity to start building your international network by working closely with fellow students from around the world, while the business-focused elements of the curriculum explore how to work in and manage multi-cultural teams.

During your first year, you study at either KTH: Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, or UPC: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech. Your second year is spent at one of the following:

You will also attend courses at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

After successfully completing the MSc SELECT programme, you will receive a degree from each of your chosen universities.

  • Aalto: Master of Science (Technology)
  • AGH: Master of Engineering
  • IST: Master in Energy Engineering and Management
  • KTH: Master of Science
  • PoliTo: Master of Science in Energy and Nuclear Engineering
  • TU/e: Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Technology
  • UPC: Master in Energy Engineering