Courses and Syllabus

UniversityStudy YearCourse NameECTS CourseCourse TypeCourse Code
Aalto2Plant Biomass5MandatoryCHEM-E1100
Aalto2Engineering Thermodynamics, Separation Processes, part 15Elective Min. 30 creditsCHEM-E7100
Aalto2Engineering Thermodynamics, Separation Processes, part 25Elective Min. 30 creditsCHEM-E7110
Aalto2Bioenergy I5Elective Min. 30 creditsEEN-E2005
Aalto2Bioenergy II5Elective Min. 30 creditsEEN-E2006
Aalto2Energy, Environment, and Emission Control5Elective Min. 30 creditsEEN-E2007
Aalto2Energy Markets5Elective Min. 30 creditsEEN-E3006
Aalto2Energy Project5Elective Min. 30 creditsEEN-E9010
Aalto2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year *6MandatoryMJ2504
Aalto2Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Conversion **7MandatoryMJ2493
Aalto2Master Thesis30Mandatory
AGH2MSc Seminar2MandatorySTC-2-302-SF-s
AGH2Technologies modelling2MandatorySTC-2-201-SF-s
AGH2Prospects of the fuels and energy economy2MandatorySTC-2-206-SF-s
AGH2Modelling of fuels and energy systems2MandatorySTC-2-208-SF-s
AGH2Fuels Chemistry2MandatorySTC-2-209-SF-s
AGH2Energy and environment4MandatorySTC-2-205-SF-s
AGH2Energy policy4MandatorySTC-2-207-SF-s
AGH2Introduction to systems modelling5MandatorySTC-2-202-SF-s
AGH2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year6MandatoryMJ2504
AGH2MSc Practice8MandatoryMJ2504
AGH2Master Thesis30MandatorySTC-2-303-SF-s
IST2Hydromineral and Geothermal Resources6ElectiveRHG
IST2Energy Storage6ElectiveAene
IST2Sustainable Development, Energy and Environment6ElectiveDSEA
IST2Marine Current & Tidal Energy6ElectiveECMar
IST2Engineering Economics6ElectiveEEco
IST2Electrochemistry and Energy6ElectiveEene
IST2Offshore Wind Energy6ElectiveEEO
IST2Wave Energy6ElectiveEOnd
IST2Photovoltaic Solar Energy6ElectiveESF
IST2Solar Thermal Energy6ElectiveEST
IST2Decision Support Models6ElectiveMADec
IST2Public Policies for Energy6ElectivePPEne
IST2Waste to Energy6ElectiveVER
IST2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year *6MandatoryMJ2504
IST2Free Courses (please check here)Optional/Elective
IST2Master Thesis30Mandatory
KTH2Measurement Techniques3ElectiveMJ2440
KTH1New Perspectives on Material Science and Technology4MandatoryMJ2417
KTH1Energy efficiency and rational use of energy5MandatoryMJ2497
KTH1Energy resources5MandatoryMJ2498
KTH1Microeconomics and energy markets5MandatoryMJ2416
KTH1Sustainable Energy and Environment5MandatoryMJ2418
KTH1Renewable energy technology I6MandatoryMJ2411
KTH1Energy System Analysis in an Environomical Context6MandatoryMJ2414
KTH1Technological entrepreneurship, business plan and communication6MandatoryMJ2499
KTH1Renewable energy technology, Advanced6MandatoryMJ2412
KTH2Small Scale Polygeneration6MandatoryMJ2503
KTH2Integrated Project of the Year in Sustainable Energy6MandatoryMJ2504
KTH2Industrial Dynamics of Innovation in Combined Energy Systems6MandatoryMJ2502
KTH2Industrial Dynamics of Innovation in Combined Energy Systems6ElectiveMJ2434
KTH2Green Building - Concept, Design, Construction and Operation6ElectiveMJ2460
KTH2Energy Policy and Planning6ElectiveMJ2460
KTH2Energy System Economics, Modelling and Indicators for Sustainable Energy Development6ElectiveMJ2383
KTH2Combustion Theory6ElectiveMJ2420
KTH2Achieving Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings6ElectiveMJ2462
KTH2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year6MandatoryMJ2504
KTH2Sustainable Power Generation9ElectiveMJ2405
KTH1Project in Energy Systems Analysis12MandatoryMJ2415
KTH2Master Thesis30Mandatory
PoliTo2Building physics and energy system in architecture ***6Elective01QIZPQ
PoliTo2Power generation from renewable sources ***6Elective01PQCND
PoliTo2Smart electricity systems ***6Elective01RUKND
PoliTo2Italian Level 1 ****6Mandatory
PoliTo2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year *6MandatoryMJ2504
PoliTo2Numerical Design of Thermal Systems ***8Elective01OAHQD, 01OAHNE
PoliTo2Resources and Environmental Sustainability ***8Elective02OULNA, 02OULMW, 02OULND, 02OULNF
PoliTo2Polygeneration and advanced energy systems ***10Elective01QGXND
PoliTo2Hydraulic and thermal machines testing ***10Elective01OAJQD, 01OAJNE
PoliTo2Master Thesis30Mandatory
TU/e2Thermal energy storage2,5Elective4EM50
TU/e2Sutainabililty Transitions and responsible innovation5Mandatory0EM150
TU/e2Energy, economy and society5Mandatory0EM140
TU/e2Building performance and energy systems simulation5Mandatory7LY3M0
TU/e2Decentral power generation and active networks5Mandatory5SEB0
TU/e2Intelligent buildings5Mandatory7LY5M0
TU/e2International development and sustainability5Elective0EM200
TU/e2Heat and flow in microsystems5Elective4EM40
TU/e2Planning and operation of power systems5Elective5SEC0
TU/e2Sustainable buildings / physical asped of building materials5Elective7LS3M0
TU/e2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year *6MandatoryMJ2504
TU/e2Master Thesis45Mandatory
UPC1Microeconomics and Energy Markets *****5Mandatory820736
UPC1Sustainable Energy and Environment *****5Mandatory820732
UPC2Wind power *****5Elective820739
UPC2Solar photovoltaics *****5Elective820740
UPC2Photovoltaic devices *****5Elective820743
UPC2Solar thermal energy *****5Elective820744
UPC2Integration of Renewables in the Electric Grid *****5Elective820747
UPC2Hydrogen and fuel cells *****5Elective820748
UPC2Power electronics applied to distributed energy resources *****5Elective820750
UPC2Smart grids *****5Elective820755
UPC2Computational Methods in Energy Technology *****5Elective820757
UPC2Thermal energy storage *****5Elective820763
UPC2Thermal conditioning of buildings. Bioclimatic architecture *****5Elective820759
UPC1Renewable energy technology I **6MandatoryMJ2411
UPC1Energy System Analysis in an Environomical Context **6MandatoryMJ2414
UPC1Technological entrepreneurship: business plan development *****6Mandatory240SEL83
UPC1Renewable energy technology, Advanced **6MandatoryMJ2412
UPC2Environomical Pathways - Integrated Project of the Year *6Mandatory
UPC1Project in Energy Systems Analysis **12MandatoryMJ2415
UPC2Master Thesis30Mandatory240SEL41
* Administered by KTH
** Taught by KTH via distance learning
*** Select courses totalling at least 24 ECTS
**** Does not count towards ECTS requirement (A2 Italian Level required for diploma)
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Year 2

Further in-depth knowledge is acquired during your second year via individually chosen focus areas plus related thesis work. These focus areas are:

  • Solar Systems (UPC)
  • Combined Energy Systems (KTH)
  • Offshore Energy Systems (IST)
  • Sustainable Fuels Economy (AGH)
  • Innovation in Energy Systems (TU/e)
  • Energy Efficiency (PoliTo)
  • Sustainable Biomass Processing (Aalto)

The list of courses on this page are examples of possible courses you may be taking in this programme. The universities providing the courses reserve the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule any of their courses.