Your path to the future

On successful completion of the MSc RENE programme, you will be equipped with the following skills and experience, enabling you to launch your career in a wide range of businesses or research institutes in the renewable energy sector:

  • Broad knowledge and understanding about sustainable energy systems, energy sources and their use.
  • Ability to judge technical, economical, social, and environmental impacts of various energy processes.
  • Broad knowledge of individual renewable energy technologies plus energy management, planning, economy and markets.
  • The ability to analyse, formulate and manage technical problems from a system perspective and to take a view of the complete system lifecycle from concept to decommissioning.
  • The necessary scope, resource use and management processes for problem solving around energy conversion, transportation, storage and utilisation processes.
  • Interpersonal skills, including leadership, project management, team working, business management, and communication.
  • The ability to think beyond boundaries and to explore and generate new ideas, transform practical experiences into research challenges, and create new or significantly improved products, services, processes, and businesses.
  • An understanding of cutting-edge research and innovation methods, business management, and business creation.

Graduates of the MSc RENE programme find careers in advanced research and innovation, industrial management, and managing strategic energy policies in both the public and private sector. Whether it’s designing future energy technologies, creating your own company, implementing energy policies, or introducing new products to market, MSc RENE is the ideal launchpad for a career working with energy providers, manufacturers, or public bodies worldwide.

Here’s what just a few of our students and graduates have to say about their experiences of the MSc RENE programme.

Nathan Holford, Graduated 2014, currently a data scientist at BBOXX, London, UK.

My qualification was an asset in getting this job. The geographic spread of our clients and workforce means that my experience in working internationally, as well as remotely, is invaluable. Studying abroad gave me skills in working with people from other countries, and this has been really useful in my current role.”

Federica Carnicelli

It’s a great opportunity to bring all the people who are interested in these subjects together to exchange ideas. What’s important is not only the two years of study, but also the network that remains with us after the programme.”

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