Qualifications and learning outcomes

The MSc ENTECH programme gives you the ability to meet the complex challenges in the design, development, operation and analysis of future energy technologies.

Students who successfully complete the MSc ENTECH programme acquire a wide range of basic engineering skills in the field of energy technologies, as well as in-depth knowledge in two fields of energy engineering, the ability to work in inter-disciplinary teams, and skills in project management and innovation.

In particular, you develop the ability to recognise problems and challenges that require an inter-disciplinary response and to approach them with innovative solutions. MSc ENTECH graduates are quick to recognise new market trends and have the knowledge and skills needed to earn and maintain a leadership position through innovative ideas and projects of their own.

As a result, students are able to:

  • Design new processes and energy systems
  • Push the development of new technologies beyond the current state of the art
  • Evaluate the feasibility and impact of new technologies
  • Implement developed ideas

A double degree

The MSc ENTECH programme requires you to study at two separate universities in two different countries. The programme gives you the opportunity to start building your international network by working closely with fellow students from around the world. You can choose to study in your first year at either the KIT: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany or IST: Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal. In the second year, you can swap universities, or attend Grenoble INP Institute of Technology in France or UU: Uppsala University in Sweden.

Students who attend IST also participate in the ‘Entrepreneur in a Week’ course at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics in Portugal.

After successfully completing the MSc ENTECH programme, you will receive a degree from each of your chosen universities:

  • KIT: Master of Science
  • IST: Master of Energy Engineering and Management
  • INP: Master of Science in Fluid Mechanics and Energetics
  • UU: Master of Science in Energy Technology