Open Space Studio Journey

The Open Space Studio Journey is all about empowering you with the full range of personal, technical and business skills so you can make significant and lasting change to the European energy sector.

The Open Space Studio Journey is a two-year complementary training programme for all students and is exclusive to MSc ENTECH. Training modules, support and mentoring come from industry experts and experienced professional coaches, with contributions from GEM: Grenoble École de Management.

The Open Space Studio Journey focuses on the following essential areas:

  • Personal development: this is your chance to find out more about yourself, your strengths, your particular talents, and what really motivates you, giving you a better idea of what you can achieve in the future.
  • Social skills development: to complement your technical and engineering skills, the Open Space Studio Journey offers you a trusted and honest space in which to enhance your and team-building and leadership capabilities.
  • Co-creation: the Open Space Studio Journey gives you a structured environment in which you work with other students and business experts on developing new solutions for real-world challenges set by our business partners.

Your Open Space Studio Journey starts in the first semester of your first year and is tightly integrated with your studies on the MSc ENTECH programme. It is structured as follows:

  • Winter Atelier I – one-week training session. At the end of the first semester, the entire MSc ENTECH community of first and second year students come together for in-depth training, debate, discussion and networking. You get to develop effective approaches to innovation and co-creating solutions – usually in an inspiring rural setting, away from university lecture halls and labs. Themes of the Winter Atelier include: intercultural skills, team development, communication and presentation skills, business strategies and co-creation.

The most recent Open Space Studio Winter Atelier took place in Rieneck, Germany. Read more about it here.


  • Leading Growth – two-day training course. This course is all about effective communication and creative management skills. The goal is to help you manage conflicts and other difficult inter-personal situations, and find constructive means for managing colleagues under stress. The course takes place at your first-year university.


  • Summer Atelier – one-week training session. Once again, the MSc ENTECH community comes together for an intensive week of training, exploration and network building. This time you will be identifying and strengthening your own social and communication skills, focusing on your individual attributes and interests. Specific training modules include self-leadership and training for catalysts. You will also be working on more problem solving through co-creation with participating businesses.

At a recent Summer Atelier, surrounded by hills and the river Rhein, students explored the topic of ‘How do we make the best use of SolarWorX’s technology to empower developing countries?’ – SolarWorx’s is a start-up supported by  InnoEnergy Business Creation Services. Read more here.


  • Winter Atelier II – one-week training session. As a second-year student, you attend your second Winter Atelier with a new group of first-year students – extending your network among the MSc ENTECH community. You build your personal understanding and effectiveness still further, and continue to develop your approach to innovation and co-creation. You’ll develop business strategies for real-world scenarios, and add depth to your understanding of what businesses need from students and graduates.


  • ENTECH Open Space Studio Agorá. Open Space Studio Agorá (from Greek „gathering place“ or „assembly“) is the last stage in the Open Space Studio journey for second year students. In front of an audience of fellow students, ENTECH’s partners and invited guests, you will present a five-minute TED-style talk on the results of your Master’s thesis, what you have learned on the Open Space Studio and what interests you most about sustainable energy. Before taking the stage, you’ll have two days of training on planning and presenting. Read about a recent Agorá event here.

Finally, this is your chance to celebrate graduation with your colleagues, contacts and friends.


“We really enjoyed the inspiring Open Space Studio days with the international students from the ENTECH programme. They gave us fresh insights and encouraged us to think even further outside the box then we do anyway when we develop solutions for independent and sustainable living.”

Theresa Steininger, CEO Wohnwagon

 “[The Open Space Studio] has broadened my perspective on the process of learning and unlearning. It helped me grow and develop. It also provides a safe zone where I can experiment and try out different approaches for facilitation, communication and teamwork.”

Todor Popov


“It took an approach of analysing and developing myself that I would never have done… without the Ateliers. It has made a difference in directing my career. I am now being more patient with my career progression and I am positive that I could develop business or technology ideas into something tangible.”

Thomas Hiorns


“Open Space Studio is a platform to openly communicate and interact with others. With some given guidelines, all actions are directed in a certain direction, but never forced to reach just one final goal. It’s all about the process. You learn a lot about yourself – as well as about other cultures and characters.”

Yannick Schilgen


“Co-creation changed my perspective and really showed me the power of a team
and the power of exploring myself.”

Jamal Alostaz