Courses and Syllabus

During both first year study locations, IST and KIT, students are required to attend harmonisation classes as applicants come from a range of different engineering backgrounds. The graph below shows which courses students may have to take at KIT in the first year. Mandatory courses are allocated on an individual basis.

MSc ENTECH basic courses 2014

Here are the main subjects students can choose to study at KIT.

MSc ENTECH main subjects

At IST these are:

MSc ENTECH specializations

Read more about these subjects here. IST and KIT complement each other, while UU and G-INP offer select specialisations.

A mandatory module of the ENTECH programme is our ’Innovation and Entrepreneurship“ unit, which has to be completed with at least 20 ECTS. As an example, the following courses are offered at KIT.

MSc ENTECH Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses