Your international journey

Smart cities are a global phenomenon and require a global mindset. The MSc Energy for Smart Cities programme is an opportunity to start building your international network by working closely with fellow students from around the world. The entrepreneurial and business-focused elements of the curriculum also explore how to work in and manage multi-cultural teams.

While studying you will experience life and culture in at least two different European countries. MSc Energy for Smart Cities is a joint programme run by the four following universities:

All students are required to study at one of these universities in their first year, and a different institution in their second year, as well as attending week-long events in Barcelona, Leuven and Amsterdam during their two years of study.


After successfully completing the MSc Energy for Smart Cities programme, you will receive a degree from each of your chosen universities.

  • INP: International Master of Science in Electrical Engineering for Smart Grids and Buildings
  • KTH: Master of Science
  • KU Leuven: Master of Science: Energy
  • UPC: Master of Energy Engineering