The Innovation Journey

From Innovation to Entrepreneurship and Beyond

 Your two-year MSc experience offers you two journeys:  a in journey in innovation that forms an integral part of your first year. And for those students who meet the criteria, a journey into entrepreneurship. Working in teams, you take on the real-world challenges that face one of our industry or public sector partners. Year one lays the bedrock in innovation methodologies. You explore the market, the opportunities, the techniques and the tools to prototype, plan and present your business model. Year two is a challenge to hone your entrepreneurial skills and mindset. Students chosen to complete the entrepreneurial journey will be challenged, stretched and supported to take it from concept to business plan to prototype to pitch presentation.

Both journeys will take you to three major European innovation and entrepreneurship hubs: Barcelona, Antwerp and Amsterdam.

Download this PDF to see the different challenges of the 2017/2018 edition of the Innovation journey. 

Year One

  • Barcelona: Smart Cities Week 

Your first week is spent in the Catalan capital analysing and selecting one of the challenges issued by our partners. Here you explore the basics in innovation methodology – from rapid prototyping to effective communication to investigating future trends in energy for smart cities – before presenting your proposal.

You can find the programme of the 2017-2018 edition of the Smart Cities Week here:

Programme_Smart Cities Week_Innovation Journey 2017.

  • Antwerp: BIZBootcamp Week 

Your second week challenges you to build your business model using creativity and brainstorming techniques, market research, modelling methodologies and Intellectual Property (IP) tools. Your innovation prototype and model is then presented to a jury of experts in innovation, IP and digital prototyping.

You can find the programme of the 2017-2018 edition of the BIZ Bootcamp here:


  • Amsterdam: Entrepreneurship School 

The big reveal. Your week in Amsterdam sees you apply the finishing touches to your final prototype. You will use effective communication tools from storytelling to elevator pitch techniques to present your work to the Innovation Competition Jury – Smart City experts drawn from academia, enterprise, startups and the public sector.


Year Two (optional)

  • Barcelona: Smart Cities Week

Back to Barcelona at the start of your second year, coinciding again with the Smart City Expo World Congress. Here you will have the chance to present your idea to real-world stakeholders, to validate your theories and assumptions, test the market conditions and spark potential interest in your initiative. Now is your chance to network for real.

You can find the programme of the 2017-2018 edition of the Smart Cities Week here:

Programme_Smart Cities Week_Entrepreneurship Journey 2017

  • Antwerp: BIZ Bootcamp 

Year two is where you take it to the next level in Antwerp. Using Bill Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship methodology, you upgrade your startup proposal, focusing on things like market segmentation, value proposition and business model.

You can find the programme of the 2017-2018 edition of the BIZ Bootcamp here:


  • Amsterdam: Entrepreneurship School 

Bring it all together in Amsterdam. Here is where you identify and validate key assumptions, finalize your pitch deck template and present your final product plan to an external jury.

The Entrepreneurship Journey 2017/2018 have yielded five working startup teams:

 Startup initiatives  Name
 Small low-cost solution in underdeveloping for heating and cooling. Local-E
 Transportation service in between public transportation and private vehicles. Chauff_E
 Digital platform for Refugee camps (managed by NGO’s) HARMONY
 3D hologram and technology to generate 3D images AMP
 Wave energy buoy SWELL


At the core of what we do at InnoEnergy there is an imperative to find how your work will have real impact on our environment. The idea is that you not only develop your technical skills and knowledge, you also acquire the business understanding and tools to exploit market opportunities.” – Simone Accornero, MSc Energy for Smart Cities Graduate and founder of the startup FlexiDAO

The Innovation journey and Entrepreneurship journey are supported by innovation and entrepreneurship leaders in Barcelona, Leuven, Antwerp and Amsterdam: