Connecting you to industry

MSc Energy for Smart Cities has strong partnerships with internationally renowned businesses, smaller companies and a network of start-ups, who actively participate in the programme to ensure it remains current and relevant to their needs – and to yours.

Partners are involved in curriculum design, selection processes, teaching, internships, support for Master’s theses, and job opportunities. During the MSc Energy for Smart Cities programme, all students have the opportunity to visit at least one international smart cities event, two energy companies and an energy research institute.

In addition, all students engage with at least one start-up company that is working with InnoEnergy’s business accelerator. Experts from the private sector, municipalities and other local government bodies also take classes and give guest lectures.

Companies that are currently involved in MSc Energy for Smart Cities include: ABB, EcoBam, SiarQ, Ionseed, Enervalis, Watly, Everis, Iskra, and ComsaEnte

Specific opportunities to engage directly with industry partners include:

Master’s School kick-off

All first-year students studying for an InnoEnergy Master’s School programme get together to launch the new academic year, together with teachers and industry experts from across the entire energy value chain.

ATHENSweek (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network / Socrates)

MSc Energy for Smart Cities organises a smart cities course each November, that takes place during the annual ATHENSweek – an intensive programme of coursework run by 14 of Europe’s leading technical universities. ATHENSweek gives you the opportunity to deepen your energy knowledge, and discover exciting innovations and new technologies in the smart cities sector.

 Master’s thesis

During your second year, you will also undertake a research project on electrical or thermo-mechanical energy, or on one of energy’s technical-economic aspects for your Master’s thesis. During your thesis, you will learn to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the programme.

Each year, the programme directors and the directors of InnoEnergy Benelux award a prize for the best thesis on innovation and the best on entrepreneurship.

Innovation Journey events

Smart cities week, Barcelona

At the beginning of Smart Cities Week, our partner companies present students with a number of real-world innovation-related challenges. In a group with fellow students, you analyse the challenges using Systematic Inventive Thinking® (SIT) tools, develop a proposal and present it to your colleagues. During smart cities week, you will gain new insights into innovation methodologies, the link between business and innovation strategy, rapid prototyping, effective communication, and future trends among start-ups working in the field of smart cities. Smart cities week coincides with the annual Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona.

BIZ boot camp, Leuven

At the BIZ boot camp you will work on the business model for your proposed prototype. The BIZ boot camp helps you understand the value creation process, and equips you with creativity and brainstorming techniques, market research, business creation and modelling methodologies, as well as intellectual property (IP) tools needed to bring innovation successfully to market.

Entrepreneurship summer school, Amsterdam

During the week-long entrepreneurship school in Amsterdam, you will focus on innovation methodologies and apply the finishing touches to your prototype, before presenting it to peers and industry experts using storytelling and elevator-pitch techniques.