MSc EMINE – European Master’s in Nuclear Energy

Engineering. Environment. Society. Study nuclear energy in context.


Nuclear energy has a significant place in a low-carbon, global energy mix – and is a dynamic sector in which to build a lifelong career in sustainable energy. The European Master’s in Nuclear Energy (MSc EMINE) deepens your technical knowledge, while broadening your understanding of the wider energy sector and the societal, economic and environmental impacts of nuclear energy.

Whether it’s leading the design of new reactor types, managing the safe decommissioning of older plants, developing innovative new policy, or planning effective waste management, MSc EMINE equips you to meet the challenges facing the world’s nuclear energy industry.

In addition, MSc EMINE gives you unrivalled opportunities to engage directly with major industrial players and research institutes through a series of activities throughout the programme. Areva, EDF, Endesa and Vattenfall all take an active role in MSc EMINE, alongside the CEA, one of the most important research centres in nuclear energy in Europe.

MSc EMINE is an international programme for an international industry. You will join students from all over the world for two years at two different universities and one of Europe’s leading business schools. After successfully completing the programme and your thesis, you will receive a double diploma: a Master’s degree from two of the following institutes:

The MSc EMINE programme is labeled by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

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Direct interaction with all major players in Europe’s nuclear industry, internships, and in-house training at research centres put you at the heart of the nuclear industry. Find out more here.

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Your first year in one country, your second in another, and the possibility of doing an internship in a third. Find out how your journey across Europe kick starts your international career.

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