Learning beyond the lecture hall

The Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy Master’s programme makes sure you have plenty of chances to meet and engage with our industry partners, business experts, fellow students, recent graduates and thriving start-ups throughout your two years of study.

Master’s School kick-off

All first-year students studying on an InnoEnergy Master’s School programme get together to launch the autumn semester. Meet your fellow students as you start your journey together, meet your teachers and course leaders, and share the insights of industry experts across the entire energy value chain.

Business planning course

During Year 1, we encourage you to develop an idea for a start-up business. Working with your fellow students, you choose and develop a business plan for a project that is relevant to your own country. You then pitch your idea to InnoEnergy Business Creation Services – our specialist business accelerator. They will give you assessment and feedback from businesses at the cutting edge of innovation and entrepreneurship in the energy sector.

Challenge projects

The challenge projects are based on the case teaching methodology developed by Harvard University.

Our industry partners will set you a real-world challenge to solve. The challenge is designed to enhance your problem-solving skills and your awareness of all the technological, environmental and economic factors involved in the decision-making process – and how they all interact.

Our partners will ask you to look at a specific issue facing the industry, to assess historical and current information, and use your research to propose the most feasible solution. You will then need to justify your proposals to the business that originally set the challenge.

Specialists from various fields are available to help you develop your proposed solution. Your conclusions are compared to the actions that the challenge-setting company took in real life.

Industrial internship

During your second year on the MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy programme, you complete a two-month internship at one of our industry partners, a research institute or laboratory. Your internship gives you insight into industrial reality and current best practice.

Structured field visits

During the programme, you have the opportunity to visit some of the most up-to-date facilities in Poland and Portugal. A total of 12 structured visits are arranged over the two years of study, covering the full range of modern energy installations from traditional fossil fuel based power plants to energy-storage facilities and the best examples of renewable energy installations. The visits give you a valuable perspective on the practical, technical and environmental aspects of contemporary power plants. Read more about the study visits here.

Our innovative partners

Companies involved in the MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy programme include: EdF, Exalo. MetalERG, PEC Gliwice, Rafaka, SBB Energy, Spyra Primo, Tauron, and Tractebel.