Competencies and Career

Competencies Obtained

As a student of MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy, you not only receive an advanced education in all relevant engineering topics, you also benefit from solid business skills training in innovation and entrepreneurship leading to the following skills:

  • Ability to evaluate economic, policy and regulatory frameworks necessary for making decisions to improve and implement projects in the context of clean fossil and new-generation fuels.
  • Onsite practical experience and interaction with industry.
  • Ability to develop and follow a business plan designed within the field of clean fossil.
  • Ability to conduct a dialogue with specialists in the supply chain, such as politicians engineers and regulators.

Career Opportunities

As an MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy graduate, you will enjoy an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of all implementation and operational stages of technologies based on coal, biomass and their energy mix with chemical fuels and renewables. You will thus be well prepared for a career in energy production and environmental protection, either in industry or in R&D. Moreover, the programme’s comprehensive innovation and business modules will help you easily find your bearings in today’s business environment.

Should you choose further research and a doctorate degree, your prospects in the international job market will be greatly enhanced by the programme’s built-in mobility and tight cooperation with energy and environmental company partners. Mandatory internship in industry, as well as the strong participation of non-academic/industrial specialists in course planning, giving lectures or opening doors for study visits, all add value to your CV.

MSc Clean Fossil graduate Serkan: "The solution should come from engineers"

After graduating from MSc Clean Fossil and alternative fuels Serkan Duyar  now works as a CFD engineer at Tümosan, a Turkish heavy-duty engine and tractor manufacturer, the first diesel engine manufacturer in Turkey. At the programme he learned about different processes: chemical, combustion, reactions and so on, which has been very useful in my current work.