Our Innovative Graduates

Below you can see what some of our graduates are doing after graduation. Their studies at our Master School for example led to selling solar home systems in rural Africa, working with strategy at an innovation department or doing a PhD focused on concentrated solar power. Where are you aiming after graduation?

“We need to invest more in green power”

Gregory Kotsis from MSc SENSE does exactly what he studied, working at IREC, the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research in Barcelona. At IREC he works as a project engineer on a project in power system economics funded by the European Commission.

"Versatility, entrepreneurship and international experience "

After graduating from MSc Energy for Smart Cities Joeri Siborgs started working in the strategy and innovation department at Elia, Belgium’s high voltage transmission system operator. He is well positioned to be able to influence the development of sustainable energy in the long term.

"We cannot behave like isolated countries"

Mercè Labordena graduated from MSc RENE is currently doing her PhD at ETH, the technical university in Zürich, Switzerland. With a background in industrial design and engineering, she had a broad base of knowledge, which she has combined with her studies on renewable energy production at KIC InnoEnergy Master School.

"Long-term vision is the key to the future"

MSc EMINE graduate Roberta Cirillo works at the CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, This is a large organisation with offices all over France, and says fusion is the best option when it comes to solving future’s energy issues.