Meet our students

Our students are passionate about their studies, committed to the future  – and have some pretty strong opinions about sustainable energy. Here they explain, in their own words, what they think about InnoEnergy and what it means to them to be connected by purpose.

Sergio Ricardo da Motta Pires

I told some friends that I wanted to enroll here to be in the “big leagues”, where the technologies for SE are being developed. During the first week here, I saw Dr. Stephen Hawking. Seeing one of the brightest minds in the history of mankind really made me aware that I was indeed now in the “big leagues!” – Sergio Motta, MSc SENSE student

Laura Perez Casado

“I truly believe that the best way to learn is throughout experience – and InnoEnergy Master’s School offers me the best of both worlds: knowledge and experience, to engineer energy for smarter cities.” – Laura Perez Casado, MSc in Energy for Smart Cities student

Lukas Keller

“I didn’t only want to have a solid engineering programme, I wanted to learn the tools I will need in the world to put stuff into practice. A holistic view. A high degree of freedom in specialisation and a focus on building up your character.” – Lukas Keller, MSc ENTECH student

Sunay Gupta

“I am passionate about renewable energy but I’m also very business-oriented. The RENE program offers me solid technical expertise and then knowledge how to actually apply it in the industry. This is very different from other programmes. I want to learn to design, develop and then deliver ideas to the marketplace.” – Sunay Gupta, MSc RENE student

Hanna Schlegel

“My particular passion is to bring clean energy to developing nations, to get their development on a sustainable track. Thanks to the truly applicable education and experiences I’m having here at InnoEnergy Master’s school, I’m turning my passion into reality!” – Hanna Schlegel, MSc EMINE student

Jacob Dalton

“My best memories have come from my opportunities to travel, experience vibrant new places and meet fascinating people. I mean, yeah… I’ve travelled a fair bit in my life, but I’ve never been exposed to so many people that have the same values and goals.“– Jacob Dalton, MSc SELECT student

Amelia Ngo Minh Phuong

The entrepreneurship aspect of the programme really speaks to me and opens my mind up to a lot of ideas – while the projects themselves have not only taught me how to creatively solve problems, but have also given me more belief in myself. To me, that’s been an amazing added value.”- Amelia Ngo Minh Phuong, MSc SENSE student

Maria Kolmer

This international atmosphere, where you are able to meet and discuss the energy challenges of all these different countries/continents, has really broadened my horizons. I feel I’m getting a really well rounded education that just would not have been possible somewhere else.”Maria Kolmer, MSc CFAFE student