Get the industry view

What makes start-up businesses engage with InnoEnergy Master’s School? Why do major players remain so closely involved? What do they all think of today’s class of student engineers and our recent graduates? Here they explain the benefits to the industry and the opportunities it creates.

Rafael Solís Hernández, EDP Renewables

“A holistic education is needed – one that covers all areas of technical knowledge on through to actual business creation – it’s a must for engineers now. And this is exactly what InnoEnergy Master’s School provides them with.” – Rafael Solís Hernández, EDP Renewables

Magnus Lindén, SWECO Energuide

“The best part of working with these students is seeing all the possibilities within them – and knowing the great things they’ll get to accomplish in their careers. They are off to a wonderful start with the InnoEnergy Master’s School.” – Magnus Lindén, Sweco Energuide

Jarosław Zuwała

“The knowledge as to how businesses are created and run, puts InnoEnergy Master’s School students one step ahead of those “classically” educated – making them more attractive in the job market.” – Jarosław Zuwała, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal