Our community – in their own words

Our student engineers, our graduate innovators, and our business partners are all connected by purpose – and they all have strong opinions about InnoEnergy and the future of sustainable energy. Here they discuss their experiences, their opportunities and what the Master’s School means to them.

Interviews with our students

Our students are passionate about their studies, committed to the future  – and have some pretty strong opinions about sustainable energy. Here they explain, in their own words, what they think about InnoEnergy and what it means to them to be connected by purpose.

Interviews with our graduates

What happens next? Graduating from the InnoEnergy Master’s School opens up all kinds of exciting new possibilities in business and research. Some of our most recent graduates explain their journey, tell us what they are doing now and what it’s like to be an innovator of the future.

Interviews with our industry partners

What makes start-up businesses engage with InnoEnergy Master’s School? Why do major players remain so closely involved? What do they all think of today’s class of student engineers and our recent graduates? Here they explain the benefits to the industry and the opportunities it creates.